5 Ways to Create or Convert into Mobile Phone Website


People hooked to internet via their mobile phones is on the rise but only few websites offer mobile compatible format of their websites. Do you want to offer mobile version of your website or blog? Don’t worry, this does not involve learning any programming language or formatting/recreating your existing computer based website.

Here are few tools that will make this  creation or conversion easier than expected. Your website is designed for screens 15″ or greater, these tools let you make mobile website for screens 3″ or less.

1. Google’s Conversion Utility This is as simple as it gets. Just need to enter the URL of your website, check the option for ‘No Images’ if you do not want images to appear, then click on ‘GO’ button.

Mobile version of your website will pop up, add the link to your faovrites for browsing website on mobile. You can even insert Google Mobile Ads to earn some money.

2. Zinadoo Using this web service you can easily create, publish and share you mobile website. Besides you can also colour the website, create a page that site visitors can email you from or request that you call/email them back, create a guestbook page, create a comments page and much more.

3. WinksiteWinksite is mobile Website builder that also includes RSS-driven content deployment and mobile-tuned community features such as forum, chat, and polls. No need to install software, do everything online. You also monetize your website with Google Mobile Adsense.

4. MobiSiteGalore Let you build websites that will work consistently across all mobile phones as they 100% comply with W3C’s mobile web standards. You can host website wherever you want. This service is completely FREE and is supported by donations.

5. MoFuseUse your RSS feed to power your mobile blog. Design your mobile blog with WYSIWYG editor. Automatically redirect your mobile visitors to your mobile blog. You can also enroll in revenue sharing program and earn 50% of all advertising profits using Google AdSense Mobile and AdMob.

Now getting hooked to your website or blog on mobile phone wont be that difficult. I am sure above tools will help you create your place on mobile web, what say?



  1. Thanks for the great tips and information. Thanks for sharing with us these great tools to create free mobile version of website.

  2. Mohsen Roshandes says

    Good tips , can any one help me : how to design websites basically suitable for most mobile phones?

  3. bloapp.com is a new one, it’s free.

  4. Antje Cobbett says

    Thanks for the great information on mobile site hosting, will check out Winksite and MoFuse in a minute.

    I’m on mobisitegalore which is a really good online editor and I love it. Yes, it’s free, but if you want to add Adsense Mobile code, you have to upgrade to one of their paid packages.

  5. That’s great… I like your site. You provide very simple useful tips

  6. i have enable mobile version of my bloggger. nice move..

  7. Hello, I also found a site that seems to do a pretty good job: convertwebsite.com . Its more like a full service that makes your website readable on mobile devices. And its 100% customizable.

  8. but most of them are charging nothing is free or trial basis…i thought they will provide me mobile website themes.

  9. i have tried to turn my website coolguruji the indian search engine into a mobi website but my search box and drop down menu is not working …
    plz tellme what to do…

  10. Thank you very much! We needed this!

  11. Let me see how this works for my online news blog http://www.wetinhappen.com. More info later…

  12. Thanks for this info! I’m trying to convert my news-blog wetinhappen.com to a mobile site. I hope it works! I’ll drop a hint when I’m done. Check out my site!

  13. Nice list. You should also try an new mobile marketing platform with cool name. With ma.rs you can create mobile websites and do much more…

  14. Very Very good…..thanks!!

  15. Thank you for a great list!

  16. building websites is not only fun, but it can also generate an income for yourself ‘,`

  17. For publishers who want to mobilize and monteize their sites in less than 2 minutes in a cost effective way, you should check gmbhnews.net , they have an amazing team and an amazing product.

  18. building websites is a money maker for me sine it is the way i primarily earn dollars `

  19. Hi can anyone tell me how to convert our oscomerce site please.

  20. Hi everyone. We have an oscommerce site, does anyone know of any programs to convert our website please. Thanks

  21. Hi Davinder, thanks so much for sharing this information we plan on developing a fully mobile version of our site and creating mobile phone apps but need something to use in the meantime. This info seems great unfortunately the Google one didnt work but I’m looking into the others now.

    Cheers, John

  22. Hey, tried with google tool. Links not working. Images are not sized. Lots of issues………

  23. Easy to create it, now have to see if it is showing up somehow in Google Analytics.. I have seen 1 iphone connect so I think I needed to do it..

    thanks, GB

  24. There’s also Mobisenz – mobisenz.com


  25. What i search all over the net is a free php hosting script to convert (fetch) my rss feed into a mobile webpage for self hosting.
    Sample simple: mobile.pc.lc/index.html
    The best i ever seen is this: glow.pk.t9space.com/
    Anyone can help how to find thous scripts?

  26. Here is another trick to convert blogger template for mobiles. No need of signing up for mofuse.just visit a sample site
    at m-syncboost.blogspot.com/
    you can check it on your mobile.
    After four months, i will give my fully customised mobile blog templales.just visit this site.

  27. make mobile site says

    gmbhnews.com is a 6th way worth mentioning and it’s definitely worth a try, it’s even easier to creat mobile site in less than 2 minutes, you just need to submit your site, grab the code and paste it in your site and you are redy to go.

  28. I need website.Because I want put sotfware in website for free easy download by mysel.f

  29. I use UNITY Mobile to create all my mobile sites. It’s kind of like mofuse, only instead of lots and lots of forms, UNITY Mobile has a mobile WYSIWYG editor which makes things very simple and easy to create and design profession mobile sites. There are a bunch of other services out there, but UNITY’s service alone is worth it.

  30. For people that want to convert their current website to a mobile site with minimal effort, there is a project called phpMobilizer that might help. It processes the site similar to Google Mobilizer, but the code comes directly from your site. There’s a browser detect script too that will automatically send users to the mobile site if they are on their phone.


  31. iam making research for my friend this is his site epiclosers.com
    i want to turn it into mobile phone website with some images in it, what service provides that?

    also i checked google.com/gwt/n after i input the link and generated the site where do i get the code and where do i put it in the site???

  32. Hi i want to create mobile website but i don’t know how to create it, can u help me

  33. i am interested in making a website for mobile phones. but i could not find the coding to make such a website.

  34. Your insights were very helpful.

  35. I have a .com website rite now and I want to know how I can make it appear smaller so it can be access thru .mobi via cell phone.
    is it possible that I use some kind if code so that my website will appear smaller
    please help.

  36. Hi,

    I want to convert or create a website for mobile user, so user can send free SMS to anywhere from his mobile.

    which website is good to create my php based website?

  37. music is my life

  38. Hey,
    now is very easy way to create wap site using superwap.eu
    Try it :)

  39. How do you detect a mobile browser?

    How do you detect a desktop browser?

  40. I have made a website using MOBISITE GALORE. but i want that my site should open in mobile browsers only. No PC access.

    pls help me out!!!

  41. interested in creating a mobil app for my site (www.givnget.com)

    any input which site best supports game feeds–scores, lines, etc? and casino action?

  42. Excellent post. I am now starting to use mobile websites to add another marketing technique to my online business.

  43. I am a bit confused on how to turn a regular site, mine is about paniers cadeau, and to make it available on the net for mobiles.

    Do I have to change my website coding or only my adsense coding? Help!


  44. I don’t see an option for no images on the gooogle conversion tool page.

  45. Name-S.A.Thanuja Dhananjaya
    contacts- ***

  46. There is also an open source solution called Siruna. They recently also launched a free tool to easily adapt drupal and joomla sites to mobile called OSMOBI, osmobi.com

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  49. Movylo.com has everything you need to easily create and manage, in minutes, mobile-sites accessible by mobile phones equipped with web browsing: be it iPhone Android, Blackberry or Nokia

    The possibilities are endless; you can create m-sites, add polls and manage ringtones, pictures, java games, videos (including those taken directly from YouTube), and applications. What’s more, all m-sites enable you to monitor real-time statistics, to better understand your audience’s preferences.

  50. great but it only good for text only web sites

    like ikarwar.in its not good bcouze it has more graphic and live tv radio falsh animation script and many thing

    so ther is another moile version i have found for ikarwar.in -wap.ikarwar.in

  51. welcome to my site

  52. “5. MoFuse – Yse your RSS feed to power your mobile blog.”

    Yse = Use? for the greater good

  53. very nice very very nice – i love this site

  54. HAI ABIN

  55. For a really simple way to display a mobile version of your website try easymobilizer.com
    Just copy & paste a line of code into your index page and, if accessed from a mobile then a mobile version is delivered, if not your current site is displayed.
    Too easy!

  56. was looking for something like this. Really neat. Thanx. Deeply appreciated! :)

  57. Ashish Jain says

    Great content published, was really helpful.


  58. Yes, nice resource!

  59. Does anyone no a website that converts websites,
    And you just have to insert the website ???
    Thanks Daniel

  60. Very nice collection of information. Nice work…

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