How to find IMEI number of mobile phone


mobile-phone-number-picIMEI stands for “The International Mobile Equipment Identity”. It is a unique identification number of every mobile phone. It helps mobile companies identify valid subscribers and the type of mobile phone equipment being used. Incase of mobile phone theft or lose, you can request mobile company to disable specific IMEI number to prevent use of stolen phone.

Check phone IMEI number using command

1. Turn ON your mobile phone.
2. Make sure you are on Home screen.
3. Type *#06# and press OK / call button.
4. Your phone IMEI number will show as “Serial Number:XXX”. Here XXX is 15-17 digit number which is unique for every mobile phone.

Check IMEI number from battery

1. Turn OFF mobile phone.
2. Open the case and remove the battery.


3. Check for white sticker or label. It should have 15-17 digit IMEI number of your mobile phone.

Make sure you note down mobile phone IMEI number in safe place. Later it can be used to track, find or block stolen mobile phone (just in case). [Image Source Flickr]



  1. Type *#06# and press OK / call button. for IMEI, how about for serial no.?

  2. how to get serial no of mobile phones

  3. why don’t u give option in the website to chek IMEI serial number? because to download the IMEI software is difficult. so if u give option to check IMEI serial number in the website, it would be easier for us and we could check our mobile set’s brand, model without installing the IMEI software.

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