Pin apps, contact, album to Start on Windows 7 phone

You can quickly access things on Windows 7 phone by adding (or pinning) to Start. You can pin almost anything like apps, contacts, pictures, songs, notes website, map location to Start on Windows 7 mobile phone. Pin things to start and perform tasks faster on your Windows 7 phone. How

Make free Skype calls on Android phones

Android phone users can now enjoy free calls using official Skype app for Android. With this new app you can make free Skype to Skype calls, send and receive IMs for free, one to one or with a group. Besides free calls, you can also call phones that do not have Skype using Skype Credits at

Compare best Google Android mobile phones

For starters, Google Android is an operating system platform for mobile phones. Lot of phone manufacturers including HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung have launched phones with Google Android operating system. If you are an Android powered mobile phone fan then head over to Google Phone

Backup & restore Nokia contacts, messages & settings

All the information on Nokia photo can be washed away while updating the phone software. Hence, it is very important to take backup of contacts, messages, settings and other data before initiating any software updates. You can easily take backup using Nokia PC suite software. Ideally,

How to update Nokia mobile phone Software

Nokia phones are used by lot of people around the world and requires no introduction. Ideally, users go to Nokia Customer Care center to update software of their Nokia phone.  You can update Nokia phone software at the comfort of your home performing few simple steps as explained

Store & share custom dictionary words on Nokia phone

Do you habit of typing "What" as "wat" while composing text message on mobile phone? Majority of mobile users prefer to use short modified version of long words like wat (what), tc (take care). Default spell checker will mark these word incorrect and offer to correct with usual long

How to order / buy Nexus One phone online

Google's first smart phone "Nexus One" is making quiet a buzz. It is loaded with lot of features to stay in touch with your friends and online world. It promises to be one stop where web meets phone. We have already seen Nexus One features, demo and price - if you are impressed, here is

Nexus One N1 price & specs [Google Phone]

When Google release a product everyone takes note of it. This time, Google has not released any web service or an online tool but a hardware device - a fully loaded smart phone which is called "Nexus One" N1 aka Google Phone. This phone is manufactured by HTC and looks very cool with

Trace Location & operator of mobile phone number in India

We have already seen Numbering plans online tool to trace details of any phone number throughout the world. Incase you are looking for details of an Indian mobile phone, then checkout online trace tool at Bharatiya Mobile website. This online tool helps track location and mobile operator

Trace mobile phone location, country & provider

Landline and mobile phones have become very common. Due to high usage, lot of service providers have emerged in different countries throughout the world. Ever wanted to trace details of a specific (mobile) phone number? Online tool at 'Numbering plans' website makes this all easy. See

Free Cell Phone tracking with Mologogo

GPS (Global Positioning System) is supported by number of Mobile / Cell phones and Smart phones. You can easily leverage GPS for free cell phone tracking anytime, anywhere. It can be used to find travelling direction, best pal while on holiday in different country, parents can keep eye on

Sync iTunes & Windows Media Player music with BlackBerry phone

We have already seen BlackBerry desktop software to sync and transfer files between computer and BlackBerry smart phone. Here is official BlackBerry Media Sync for easy management of music files. It allows you to sync your desktop iTunes or Windows Media Player music files with your