Compare best Google Android mobile phones


For starters, Google Android is an operating system platform for mobile phones. Lot of phone manufacturers including HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung have launched phones with Google Android operating system. If you are an Android powered mobile phone fan then head over to Google Phone Gallery for exhaustive listing of Android phones. Website also allows you compare different Android phones side by side.

Android phones at Google Phone Gallery

All phones in the gallery include Google Search, Android Market and Google Mobile services such as Google Search, Gmail, and Google Maps. These phones come pre-installed with Android Market and Google Search, Voice Search, Google Talk, Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube, among other Google Mobile services.

1. Open Google Phone Gallery webpage (at

2. You can view Android powered phones by specific manufacture among HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung.

3. Phone listing can be filtered by different mobile operators like: AT&T, Cellular South, Sprint, T-Mobile,US Cellular and Verizon. You can also browser phones by specific country.

4. Further phone listed can be sorted by Newest or in alphabetical order.

Compare Android phones ‘side by side’

You can compare different Android powered phone side by side using online comparison featured tool at Google Phone gallery.

1. Open Google Phone Gallery at

2. Click ‘Add to Compare’ button next to phone that you want to compare.

3. Similarly, you can add maximum of 3 phones to the comparions window.

4. Once 3 phones are selected click ‘Compare Selected’ button.

5. Next screen will show comparison of 3 phones in a tabulated manner.

Information displayed include: basic information, Android version, connectivity, battery, storage, memory, size, weight, hardware, camera and other additional features of selected Android powered mobile phones.


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