Your Funny & Witty 404 page with Error Page Generator


Bored of seeing usual 404 error pages? Well, get creative with the help of Error Page Generator.

It is a simple web based tool to create funny 404 pages. To get started select background from pre-populated images using a drop down or upload image from your computer or enter URL.

Choose title color, title comments and enter your point of note. Click on ‘create 404’ button and your custom 404 page is ready. You can use embed code to show it on your blog or website.

Besides, there are other user creation worth a look and smile. Political faces like Obama, McCain domainte most user creations. Nice way to churn out voters reaction in this political season. Checkout 404 Error creatorvia



  1. Now, switching away from Google is very hard. ,

  2. Thank you very much for this nice content will be useful for my forum.

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