Official WP Help & How-to Videos at WordPress.TV


WordPress blogging platform keeps getting better. Their recent makeover was appreciated by one and all. If you are starting off with WordPress and finding it difficult to get through basic things – don’t worry and head over to website. It is a new official WordPress website showcasing help and how-to videos for basic tasks in WordPress.

Here is the official pitch: To make it easy for you to find up-to-date, WordPress-themed video content within a couple of clicks. Without having to wade through spammy promotional videos, out-of-date content, and missing chunks of presentations. There’s a quick intro video if you’re curious:

Website has lot of video tutorials on how to use WordPress, learn more about WordPress hacks, tips and tricks. There are already number of cool WordPress tutorial blogs and this official video help website WordPress . TV is a welcome addition. [Google Reader Help Videos]



  1. Very Nice feature from WP
    We like it

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