Watch Full length Movies on Youtube, Very Soon !


Buzz of ‘full length’ feature films on Youtube is getting stronger by the day. Cnet has given insider details and you could be seeing full length feature films on Youtube in next 30 – 90days.

With reach and mass appeal of Youtube, full length video content will make Youtube one killer web service for streaming video needs. Since Youtube already has official channels of movie production companies from India and worldover – getting them to feature full length stuff should not be much ask.

Full length movies on Youtube might turn out one killer way to earn loads of money that Youtube has been searching for a long time. If this happens, Hulu will be Youtube’s closet rival, which is already doing very good moneywise (but is only available to US users).

“… Consider that Hulu, the joint video venture formed by NBC Universal and News Corp., attracts only a fraction of the 80 million people who visit YouTube each month, but Hulu still managed to generate nearly the same revenue in its first year in business, according to reports.”

Youtube will able to attract more advertisers on premium full length content, thereby making more money for themselves and movie makers. With Adsense power on the side of Youtube, looks like Youtube is all set to make loads of cash with full length video content. Lets see…



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  2. Thanks for share good news

  3. Very good news and we are wating for it
    but anybody know that exact time when youtube going to start this serviec

  4. Richard Hartman says

    I use this site for the best free movie list

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