How To Videos, 15 Great Places to Explore & Learn


Sometime simplest of tasks like ‘how to knot’ can be difficult to scrap through. Be it computer or daily life – here are 15 great resources with loads of ‘how-to’ videos to explore and learn new way of doing things.

1. Oodlebox TV Get oodles of ‘How-to’ videos on this website. It is a digital community of do-it-yourselfers organized around video channels of how-to knowledge, techniques, tips and resources to add oodles of style and grace to your lifestyle, home, or garden.

2. HelpFulVideo This is personal favorite – helpfulvideo has loads of video that can be of big help. No login or registeration required, view any video and you can even download them with a click of button. Check this “How to create a transparent computer-screen?”

3. ShowMeDo Learning programming languages by watching videos. Very geeky and unique videos to get comfortable with Python (nearly 100 videos), Ruby (and Rails), Perl, Blender and PhotoShop.

4. Tubetorial Cool ‘how-to’ videos on WordPress, hosting, database and other releated tasks explained in simplest of form in videos. For example Change Your Permalinks Without 404.

5. Vidpedia It is a virtual Wikipedia of ‘How-to’ learning videos. You can watch videos from different cateogries, download theme, embed them and even EDIT them.

6. TeacherTube Problem with maths? Problem reading and writing? Get basic things do in more simple manner by following elementary videos at TeachersTube featuring loads of educational videos.

7. VideoJugAnother excellent place to watch videos that include informative “How To” and “Ask The Expert” films that guide you, step-by-step, through everything and anything in life.


8. Youtube has loads of ‘how-to’ and DIY videos.

9. Sclipo help you learn new things with informative videos.

10. Metacafe ‘How-to’ video channel has lot of video worth a view.

11. Howtovdos has selected computer how-to videos agrregated on the site.

12. Ubuntu Clips has video ‘how-to’ for everyone who is new to Ubuntu.

13. Expert Village has expert videos that to answer your everyday questions.

14. Puppy Linux for how-to videos on performing  basic tasks in Linux.

15. 5Min Life Videpedia for one-stop for instructional videos and DIY projects.

Do you know any other ‘how-to’ videos website? Please share with us by adding a quick comment.



  1. As much as you surf the ‘Net there’s always great sites you’ve never heard of. is another good one.

  2. Wow, some of these (especially Howtovdos) are really tiny–they don’t even have traffic. Others are pretty interesting, like Oodlebox. One that I’m surprised you missed is, which has nearly ten thousands professionally produced videos–all shot in high def. is a competitor, but seems to have quite a few more videos.

    Still, a unique look at this space, and I’ll have to bookmark a number of these sites. Thanks!

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