Watch videos from India on Tubaah, hulu indian style?


NDTV (New Delhi Television) has quietly launched a new video website ‘Tubaah’ with loads of video content. For starters, its not a Youtube clone or website craving for user uploaded content. You can register and track favorite video but NO user can upload videos on this website.


Being a NDTV venture, it has loads of videos sourced from different channels run by NDTV. You can also watch NDTV India and NDTV 24X7 channels live on this website. Name, content and setup reminds of successful video website Hulu. Can it be Indian hulu?

Since it does not rely on user generated content, there is no issue of copyright. NDTV itself has huge source of video library – so content generation won’t be an issue. Monetization is already in place with banner ads and in-video ads at the start of the video. Checkout Tubaah, interesting enough – what say? [Digg it Indian Style]



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  3. girlsjustwannahavefun says

    Definitely belongs to the hulu genre…will be interesting to see if they add enough channels and make it sustainable. The problem is data center costs, and cross licensing deals can add up quickly. Hulu is seemingly profitable with just advertising revenue, but growth will be slow….hence experimenting with monthly paid models which is having teething problems.

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  5. Hey, can you tell me how to download videos from this website because every time i try to download only ads of 20 sec. gets downloaded. please help

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