New Bollywood films online: Free on Youtube BoxOffice

Youtube is a great place to watch cool videos of almost any type. Sometime back, latest movie trailors in HD format started appearing on Youtube. It was followed by few old hollywood and bollywood movies and TV shows being made available for free viewing online on Youtube. Here is a big

Display Rupee symbol on website or blog

India now has official symbol for Rupee (Indian currency). We have already seen procedure to download Rupee font to insert new Rupee symbol in Word documents and files. Do you want to display new Rupee symbol on webpages of your website or blog? This can be easily done using WebRupee's web

How to type new Rupee symbol on computer

Just like Dollar and Pound, India has launched new symbol for its 'Rupee' currency. We can always type dollar symbol using standard keyboard. Do you want to type and use new Rupee symbol using existing PC keyboard? This can be easily done by downloading new Rupee symbol font on your

Convert webpage text script to Indian language online

Wtih so many languages, each user find comfort in writing and reading content in specific language. Online content is dominated in English language. With Google Script Converter you can read content in any Indian language of your choice. It does not translate the actual meaning of the

Find & compare product price information on Google

Looking for easy way to find price and basic information about a product like mobile phone, LCD etc? Google can help big time providing all the information in least amount of time. With all new Google Product search option under 'shopping' tab within Google Search. Here is quick method to

Trace Location & operator of mobile phone number in India

We have already seen Numbering plans online tool to trace details of any phone number throughout the world. Incase you are looking for details of an Indian mobile phone, then checkout online trace tool at Bharatiya Mobile website. This online tool helps track location and mobile operator

Virtual Credit Card (VCC) for online payments

Credit Cards (often referred as Plastic Money) are becoming more common medium to pay for goods and services around the world. While the plastic physical Credit Cards (CC) rule the offline (and online world), Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) are buzz specially for online world. Virtual Credit

Read text & website content in Indian Languages

For example: you know English as well as Hindi language but you are more comfortable reading stuff written in Hindi as against in English. Google Script Converter can come handy in this regard. You can convert script of an English webpage or text in Hindi language. Only the interfacing

Windows 7 price in India

Windows 7 has launched through out the world. India launch gives a surprise with attractive price cut. Going by international price it should cost anywhere between Rs 10,000 - Rs 16,000. Microsoft has slashed prices by 40% to attract more Windows users from India to upgrade from XP/Vista

Send SMS in hindi from mobile phone with Quillpad

Are you looking for easy and hassle free way to send SMS in Hindi (Indian) language? Quillpad mobile application makes this possible without too many strings. You can send SMS in Hindi language from any mobile phone supporting JAVA. There is no need for Hindi font support on senders phone

Bollywood Stars Google Chrome themes

Google has huge user base of Indian users. So, if we have Bollywood stars Orkut themes- why not Bollywood stars Chrome themes! Google recently released artistic themes for Google Chrome browser users. It has also released few bollywood based themes featuring top movies and stars from

Listen Indian, Bollywood music songs on iPhone / iPod touch

Are you missing Indian bollywood music on iPhone? Well, not any more with Dhingana all ready to spread cool Indian music on iPhone / iPod touch. You can listen to latest bollywood tracks while on the move using iPhone. To get started, just grab Dhingana app or point your iPhone browser to