New Bollywood films online: Free on Youtube BoxOffice


Youtube is a great place to watch cool videos of almost any type. Sometime back, latest movie trailors in HD format started appearing on Youtube. It was followed by few old hollywood and bollywood movies and TV shows being made available for free viewing online on Youtube. Here is a big surprise on Youtube BoxOffice channel – watch latest bollywood movies online in HD (high definition) for free on Youtube website.

Youtube BoxOffice’s Channel for bollywood movies

Checkout bollywood movies Channel to watch latest bollywood films on offer for free online viewing. Currently, it is showing Yash Raj Film’s Band Baaja Baarat movie.

1. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, you can adjust the quality of movie streaming from standard to HD from button at bottom right part of the video player.

2. Advertisements are displayed while watching movie (just like we get while watching movies on TV channels) and you cannot skip advertisement videos shown during the movie. A 10 – 15 seconds advertisment video is displayed after 10 minutes of movie playback.

3. You can skip to favorite part of the movie by moving the video slider bar forward or backward. There are also additional special videos related to showcased movie featuring videos of popular songs and ‘making of the movie’ videos.

P.S. Youtube BoxOffice channel page may not load and show this error “Over Quota: This Google App Engine application is temporarily over its serving quota. Please try again later”. In this case: try to refresh the webpage or check back at later time (Google probably is working on issue fix).


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