Estimate & calculate Salary with Naukri PayCheck tool is leading jobs portal in India. It has launched new "Paycheck" tool that allow estimation of your probable salary in specific job position. Final figures are calculated on basis on number of factors from huge database of profiles already listed on the website. To get

Search & download bollywood music ringtones at Guruji

For starters, Guruji is "India specific content" search engine. Besides searching for localized content, it has been rolling out music search features. Previously, it launched orkut and Facebook music apps to listen music online. Now, it has launched music ringtone search and download

Type in Punjabi & Urdu online using Google Transliteration

Google Transliteration is a handy online tool to write in different Indian languages. After Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi & Nepali - Google Transliteration has added support for 2 new languages: Punjabi and Urdu. Now you can type in either language by first typing word(s) in English,

Write in Indian languages at Quillpad online editor

Getting content in localized non-english form can help people reach more users. Everyone is trying their bit like Google already has Indic Transliteration service which is also extended to writing emails in Hindi and other Indian languages using Gmail service. Quillpad is another online

Watch bollywood videos, news on iPhone, BollyHood App

iPhone users craving for saucy bollywood content can grab BollyHood iPhone app. You can catch latest bollywood (Indian Cinema) action featuring latest news, gossips, music videos, behind the scenes from tinsel town - all served hot with glitz and glamor. There is lot of latest content

Top hindi songs Dhingana music in Gmail & iGoogle

Dhingana music website has launched gadgets for Gmail and iGoogle for super easy access to top hindi songs. Gmail addicts can get daily fill of their popular Indian music with a glace at the left sidebar. You can click through more link and see host of other options to manage your favorite

Type in Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi & Nepali online

Google Transliteration has added 4 new languages including: Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali. Previously it had Hindi,Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Now lot of people from different regions in India can write in their native language using online Google Transliteration. Since

Email in Hindi & other Indian languages from Gmail

Gmail has bumped up a feature that will please many Indian Gmail users. It has added support support for five Indian languages - Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. It means, you can send email in these languages from Gmail account. All users in India will have this feature turned

Colorful Holi on Orkut with Fun & Superscraps

Orkut folks can gear up for colorful holi online with their Orkut friends. Holi is festival of colors with loads of water and color splash. You can use cool applications like fun scraps and super scraps to get into holi spirit. Orkut blog has announced goodies for celebrating Holi techno

Watch videos from India on Tubaah, hulu indian style?

NDTV (New Delhi Television) has quietly launched a new video website 'Tubaah' with loads of video content. For starters, its not a Youtube clone or website craving for user uploaded content. You can register and track favorite video but NO user can upload videos on this website. Being

Deepika, Singh is King, Railways rules Yahoo 2008

[India specific] While Google had Katrina Kaif, how to kiss, how to reduce weight on its most search list of 2008 - Yahoo has it all different (almost). Katrina Kaif, kiss, weight - all are missing from Yahoo's most searched 2008. Here are top 10 keywords that ruled Yahoo is

How to reduce weight, Kiss, Katrina Rule Google 2008

Google has released zeitgeist 2008 revealing which all keywords and search terms ruled Google. Top 3 search queries were: how to reduce weight, how to kiss and how to earn money. These were followed by few interesting ones like: how to get pregnant and how to impress a girl. Most