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Google Transliteration has added 4 new languages including: Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Nepali. Previously it had Hindi,Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Now lot of people from different regions in India can write in their native language using online Google Transliteration.


Since it is transliteration service and not translation service, you ought to know the native language. For example, type namaste (as in english) and hit the spacebar to see namaste written in hindi. Similarly you can perform transliteration in languages you are familiar with at Google Indic Transliteration.



  1. English (banglish) To Bangla Converter says

    [Write Bangla On Mobile] writebangla.com Via this application you can write AVRO phonetic bangla from your mobile phone as well as we provide “one click” facebook bangla status update facility from your mobile handset.

    To write correct Bangla spelling from mobile please Read some “Rules” and Follow the “KeyMap”:
    Frequently Asked Questions About writebangla.com :(8 most common question/problem and there answer/solution)

    See The screenshot of Write Bangla On Mobile:

    How to type Bangla with AVRO phonetic(English to Bangla) on your mobile?

    STEP 1:
    Browse writebangla.com (it’s our apllication link) via “Opera Mini” Or “UC” browser from your mobile.
    As opera mini have “use bitmap for complex scripts” function(via this function you can read bangla and browse bangla site from your mobile) so please try to use “OPERA MINI” browser to browse [Write Bangla On Mobile] writebangla.com/ Applicatin
    Read This:[Write Bangla On Mobile] is a browser based application, so no need to download or install this application on your handset/mobile,just Browse writebangla.com/ and write phonetically bangla from your mobile easily.

    STEP 2(only 1st time use):
    Now FACEBOOK will ask you to give “Write Bangla On Mobile” application permission to access your basic information(this application only need your “FULL Name” and “USER ID”).
    To post bangla facebook status from your mobile you have to give us “WALL POST” permission too.
    Just click on “ALLOW” button to give us basic information and wall post permission.
    (***This step is only for first time use,after giving us permission this step will be vanish from your facebook account***)

    STEP 3:
    Now in “Banglish Input Box” type banglish(bangla typing in english alphabet) with BANGLA PHONETIC SYSTEM according to te KeyMap(to write bangla which english alphabet you have to type)
    EXAMPLE:amar sOnar bangla ami tOmay bhalObasi
    Now click On “Convert Banglish To Bangla” button to convert english alphabet or banglish into bangla language.
    See The screenshot of Step 3:
    Now you can see the converted bangla in a textfield named “Bangla Output Box”.
    (**Remember this:By using the “copy/paste” function of “OPERA MINI v6” or “UC” browser you can use this converted bangla anywhere in the net from your mobile**)

    STEP 4:
    IN “Bangla Output Box” you may not read the bangla text,in “Bangla Output Box” you may see something like “????????” this(box box box symbol).
    In that case you may not check eighter you write correctly or not,so to read that boxboxbox symbol you have to use “Check Spelling Before Post” button.
    See The screenshot of Step 4:
    By clicking this button you can read box box box symbol from “Bangla Output Box” and if you find any wrong spelling you may correct it.

    STEP 5:
    Now click on “Post FB Status To Your Wall” button to publish or update your bangla facebook status on your facebook wall…
    See The screenshot of Step 5:
    Okey thats great,you done it,chill out now because you can write bangla on your mobile…

    Remember this:By using the “copy/paste” function of “OPERA MINI v6” or “UC” browser you can write bangla or type bangla from your mobile anywhere in the net via this application,not only Facebook wall post or comment or notes,anywhere means all wap or web site you browser from your mobile.

    If you have any other question about “Write Bangla On Mobile” application then join our facebook fan page and please let us inform about yout question or problem…

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