How to translate blog or website in any language

On internet there are no country boundaries. Even language barriers are blurred thanks to language translation services. With lot of good quality content available in English and other specific languages - translation is a must for non-English users in order to access and understand that

How to save translated text in Google Translate

Google Translate is a useful service for language translation of any text, webpage url and documents. Till now, we could only translate in real time without possibility of saving or recording translation results. Hence, one has to repeat translation process every-time even for same text or

How to write Blog in Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil

English language dominate majority content on the internet. However, with spread of the internet: non-English speaking users are creating content in their native language on the internet. Now anyone can blog in Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and other Indian languages using 'easy to use'

How to type email in different language in Gmail

Typing an email messages in different language other than your default language is always a cumbersome task. There are number of additional tools that can facilitate text typing in other languages like using virtual keyboard in Chrome browser. Gmail has handy in-built collection of input

How to translate text language on Facebook pages

Facebook is available in number of languages all over the world. For your posted content, if other user adds comment in different (his native) language - ideally you will manually translate language of text to understand the same. For this, one would use online language translator at

Hide Language Bar on Windows 7 desktop

A language bar appears on the desktop screen while working with multiple language input. Language bar is displayed when new keyboard layout or input languages is added on your Windows 7 computer. It is very useful for quick toggle between languages and keyboard layout. However, if you

Search tweets in specific language on Twitter

Twitter has lot of users tweeting messages about almost everything. Besides searching for specific words among tweets, you can also refine results according to specific language. You can use official Twitter search to find tweets with specific words in specific language with ease. Find

Convert webpage text script to Indian language online

Wtih so many languages, each user find comfort in writing and reading content in specific language. Online content is dominated in English language. With Google Script Converter you can read content in any Indian language of your choice. It does not translate the actual meaning of the

Translate Microsoft Word 2010 document language

Machine language translation has now improved to a greate extend. Just like translating online documents at Google Docs, you can translate language of document within Microsoft Word 2010 program. It has mini-translator feature that show translation for any word on mouse hover. You can also

How to select proofing language in Microsoft Word

Document proofing is an important routine for writing and completing word document files. Microsoft Word program provide an easy option to select a different language for proofing documents. Using proofing language feature you can chose and use any specific language for documents being

Virtual keyboard on Google Search result pages

Searching through non-English Google search result interface just became more easy with virtual keyboard feature. Non-English Google Search pages now show virtual keyboard of corresponding language. You can click buttons on keyboard and enter words in native language in the search box.

How to auto translate clipboard text to English

Any last copied text on Windows is temporarily stored on Clipboard. You can use paste (Ctrl + V) to paste and use that last copied text. There are number of utilities to extend clipboard functionality like copy paste multiple items. Klipboard translator is a portable utility that allows