Thai language translation at Bing Translator


After Hebrew language, Bing Translator has added Thai language translation. Now you can translate Thai language text “to” and “from” any other language online at Microsoft (Bing) Translator. Just select Thai language from the drop down menu (as seen in screenshot) and then click on “Translate” button.


Checkout Bing Translator for online Thai language translation. Alternatively, you can use Google Translate for Thai and other new languages for online language translation.



  1. ??????? = friendship in Thai

  2. Hi
    Where is the BING TRANSLATOR BOX on FACEBOOK??? and YOUTUBE ???
    One push translate for anyone entering the page

  3. hi…I’m shiela…can anyone tells me what is FRIENDSHIP in thai language?/ i need it to answer my school assignment..thank you

  4. how can i download this thai translator in my computer?
    pls help me…


  5. I wanna learn Thai,,,and chating with my friends from Thai…I hope this translator can help me to,,,,


  6. Thai Translator says

    Great to see they added Thai to bing translator that will bring some gompetition to google translator.

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