Chat on GTalk with Real-time Language Translation


Ever wanted to chat with a friend from another country who does not understand your language or you do not understand his/her native language? From now on… this can not be an excuse or PROBLEM for NOT chatting with friends with different language orientation on Google Talk.

Google has launched translation bots to facilitate ‘Real-time’ language translation while chatting on Gtalk. For starters… “A bot is a piece of software that acts as a chat contact and provides some fun or useful functionality”. Procedure of using these bots is real easy.

Here is an example of “English to Chinese” real time translation. For this add [] as a friend in Google Talk and send it a message to translate from English to Chinese to test it. There are number of language translation bot available totalling 23, you need to add the bot with respective language abbreviation in the following format:

“[from language]2[to language]”

For example from English to Chinese: Click here for complete list of  two-letter language abbreviations. A cool Christmas Gift from Google Talk team to wish friends all over the World. They are surely working hard to add new stuff and features to Google Talk. [via]


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