Google Wave Keyboard shortcuts


google-wave-logoGoogle Wave is creating lot of buzz and promises to be next best thing in communication. It aims to integrate and facilitate real time online communication. Google Wave is still in invite-only mode. If you happen to be lucky Google Wave users, checkout following keyboard shortcuts to navigate Google Wave quickly using keyboard.

Navigation Shortcuts

Up/Down Arrows -To navigate through messages in your account
Home – Takes you to the first message in a wave
End – Takes you to the last message in a wave
Space – Takes you to the next unread message in a wave
Left/Right Arrows – Switches focus between the compose window & inbox
Page Up/Page Down – Takes you to the next page within a panel
Ctrl + Space – Marks all messages “read” when focus is on Wave panel

Text Editing & Formatting Shortcuts

Shift + Enter – To finish editing your addition to a wave
Ctrl + B – Bold the selected text
Ctrl + I– Italicize or unitalicize selected text
Ctrl + K – Adds a link or hyperlink
Ctrl + 5 – Adds bullets
Ctrl + 6 – Removes formatting from text

Message sending Shortcuts

Enter – Reply to a message at the same level of indentation
Shift + Enter – Reply to a message at the end of a wave
Ctrl + E – Edit a message

Besides above, you can use usual keyboard shortcuts for Copy, Paste and Cut: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and Ctrl+X respectively. [Source Google]



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