Access Gmail attachments offline with offline Gmail


Recently, Gmail added  new feature with ability to access email offline even when there is no internet. This is possible using Google Gears, which downloads and syncs Gmail contents on your computer as soon as live internet connection is available. Now, besides email messages you can also access attachments in offline mode.


As shown in image above, you can specify the size of attachments that should be downloaded for offline access (maximum attachment size is 20MB). You can also refrain from downloading any attachment  by selecting ‘no attachments’ option. Don’t be surprised if this option is missing from your Gmail account, Google is slowly rolling it out to everyone. [via]



  1. anthony c brown says

    how do I download photo aqttachments to email received?

  2. just wondering, how can i open remote images securely without the person that sent them knowing or being able to see if or when I opened them . In other words is there some way to do it where the remote part is not funcioning and notifying the sender of anything??? I read on another site that the remote images can show your ip address, location and that they can be a vulnerability…… thnx for your help…..

  3. I think offline gmail is a nice tool for email.

  4. Thanks for the tip!

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