Send email attachments in Outlook without using SkyDrive

Do you have problem sending email messages with file attachment in Outlook email service? Unlike Gmail and Yahoo, Outlook support both usual file attachment method and file transfer using SkyDrive service. For example: In Outlook even a small Microsoft Word file is attached to email and

Sort & view Outlook [Hotmail] emails by size

Live Hotmail was re-launched in the form on with all new user interface. Many users have already converted email addresses from to ID. Even though storage space is not an issue while using email service, there is always an urge to sort and

Send & upload email attachment files to Dropbox

Dropbox is becoming very popular web service to store any kind of files online. With free plan option of 2GB, more users are trying it, liking it and ending up with pro plan with more storage. Besides the usual online file storage, there are number of third party tools that adds more

How to download all Gmail file attachments

We send and receive lot of email messages with attachments like photos, documents, pdf files and so on. Do you want to view and download all attachments contained in your Gmail account? Unfortunately, there is no quick forward way to do so. However, there are few workarounds to access and

Change Gmail attachment icons in Chrome

If you receive lot of email messages with attachments in Gmail, then changing attachment icon based on attachment file type can be very useful time saver. "Gmail Attachment Icons" Chrome extension allow you to replace the default paper clip icon by icons with kind of attachment an email

Drag & drop files to upload as attachment in Gmail

Looking for quickest and most easy method to add multiple files as attachment to email messages being composed in Gmail? Ideally, we go to 'Compose Mail' screen, then click 'Attach a File' link and select file(s) that should be added as attachment to an email message. Now you can do all

Add Google Calendar invitation to emails in Gmail

Now you can access Google Calendar functionality within Gmail inbox for easier functionality. You can directly insert and add calendar invitation to emails composed within Gmail. This eliminates the need to toggle between Gmail and Calendar interface. You can pop-open calendar to view

How to sort Gmail by attachment size of emails

Gmail email service has liberal attachment and total free storage limits. While single email attachment size limit is manageable, you can always explore alternative methods to send large files by email. There is no free option to increase allocated quota of free space in your Gmail account

How to send Large files through email

Do you want to send large files through an email message? All email services has feature to attach files to an email message and deliver successfully. However, these attachment limits are very small and strict for sending large files. Word "large" has different meaning in terms of size for

What is maximum email attachment size [Gmail, Yahoo]

Not sure about maximum email file attachment size that can be sent via email? Maximum email attachment size limit vary according to email provider being used. Each email provider has own limits on file size that can be attached to an email message and delivered successfully. Gmail /

Send large attachment files on Gmail (upto 25MB)

Gmail has quietly bumped up maximum size of attachment files that can be sent with email. As against 10MB attachment files, now you can attach and send attachment files upto 25MB. However, receiver of your email with large attachment email should be Gmail instead of small attachment size

Get Email attachment reminder in Outlook 2007

We send lot of emails with attachment files like Word documents, images, mp3 and video files. Gmail already got 'Email attachment detector'feature that reminds you to attach files to specific emails. Now you have similar functionality in Outlook 2007 with the help of Missing Attachment