Ways to download & save full copy of Wikipedia offline

Wikipedia.org is a huge resource for online information. It has updated and relevant information about virtually every topic of user interest. Ideally, you can open specific Wikipedia article page and goto File > Save As in the web browser for an offline copy of that Wikipedia page.

Open & read Gmail emails without internet in offline mode

Do you want to open and view email messages on Gmail without internet? Concept of offline Gmail has been for sometime now. Earlier it was implemented using Google Gears and offline Gmail option under Labs. However, these options are no longer available to access Gmail without internet. Now

Update Windows offline without internet connection

Ideally, live internet connection is required to update Windows operating system directly from Microsoft website. In multi PC environment, connecting each computer to internet may not be feasible (but installing updates on each computer is essential). Hence, need to update Windows PC

Download selective Gmail messages for email without internet

Gmail introduced Google Gears to access Gmail without live internet connection. It later introduced "Offline Mail" feature that allows you to download email attachments for offline access. Now Gmail has expanded that feature allowing you to select which message should be downloaded for

Geemail, desktop client for offline Gmail access

Gmail powered with Google Gears allows you offline access to email messages of your gmail account. You can also send replies, which are delivered as soon live internet connection is detected. If this is too much of task, then try free Adobe based desktop client for offline Gmail access

Access Gmail attachments offline with offline Gmail

Recently, Gmail added  new feature with ability to access email offline even when there is no internet. This is possible using Google Gears, which downloads and syncs Gmail contents on your computer as soon as live internet connection is available. Now, besides email messages you can

Offline Google Calendar access

Looks like Google is in serious mood to offer its popular web services in offline mode. Recently, Gmail went offline with the power of Google Gears and now its turn of Google Calendar. Google Apps users like Mark noticed option to go offline with Google Calendar powered with Google

Copy & Browse websites offline with HTTrack Copier

HTTrack Website copier is a free utility that eliminates the need of live internet connection to surf your favorite websites. Using this browser utility you can download and mirror website locally on your computer. You can surf websites offline just like we surf them online. This

Download Offline install files of Instant Messengers

Downloading instant messenger on an erratic internet connection can be real test of your patience. First you need to download small file that will start the online install process of instant messenger. Well, there is work around and you can down

Download ‘Wikipedia for Schools’ for Offline viewing

SOS Children UK and the Wikimedia together has released 2008-09 Wikipedia for Schools. This updated version has the content of a 20 volume encyclopedia - with 34,500 pictures, 20 million words and articles on more than 5500 topics. It is useful for 8-17 year olds who broadly follow the