Email alerts for new Google Wave updates

If you still happen to use Google Wave (and surprisingly given a miss to Google Buzz), then here is new feature bump for better surfing of Google Wave. Now you can receive email notifications for new and updated Google Waves in your Wave inbox. Setting up is quick and simple involving few

Google Wave Notifier for new Wave desktop alerts

Google Wave promises to be 'next big thing' in online messaging and real time communication. We have already seen easy to use Google Wave shortcuts for quick browsing in Google Wave interface. If you have become addictive to Google Wave, then Wave desktop notifier app should makes things

Google Wave Keyboard shortcuts

Google Wave is creating lot of buzz and promises to be next best thing in communication. It aims to integrate and facilitate real time online communication. Google Wave is still in invite-only mode. If you happen to be lucky Google Wave users, checkout following keyboard shortcuts to

How to register & sign up for Google Wave?

Google Wave is the next big thing from Google. We have already seen first preview of this awesome looking real time communication tool. Google is in final stages to test drive and launch this web based application. It is also looking for first lucky users who can test this Google product

Google Wave, all in one realtime communication tool

Google is all busy with its new (very big) web based service called Google Wave. First look of the product makes you believe it is sort of online Microsoft Outlook. Well, interface looks little similar to Outlook but functionality seems way ahead of it. You can share any damn thing with