Windows 7 price in India


windows7-pro-logoWindows 7 has launched through out the world. India launch gives a surprise with attractive price cut. Going by international price it should cost anywhere between Rs 10,000 – Rs 16,000. Microsoft has slashed prices by 40% to attract more Windows users from India to upgrade from XP/Vista to Windows 7 operating system. Here is final cost of Windows 7 in India

Windows 7 Price list in India (rupees)

1. Windows 7 Home Basic – Rs. 5,899
2. Windows 7 Home Premium – Rs. 6,799
3. Windows 7 Professional – Rs. 11,199
4. Windows 7 Ultimate – Rs. 11,799

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Windows 7 price for sure look attractive compared to previous pricing of Windows. However, little more reduction under Rs 10,000 for Ultimate version would see more rush for Windows 7 – what say? [via tech2]



  1. nishchay says

    price should be decreased……. !!!!!!!!!!

    • yaa price must be reduced at lest……
      in between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500
      in $ it cost just near about 100 to 200 $
      bad luck for us low exchang rate of indian Rs….!!!!

  2. mallikarjun says

    i think Microsoft is fool because the rates for OS is very high but they don’t know that Indians r very intelligent and can use windows 7 at 200 to 500 its very cheap Na

  3. K. Ranga Rao says

    I truely agree by the above gentlemen that there is a need of slashing down Windows7 price down to a minimum of Rs1000 atleast, so as to expect every Indian to afford it. It will automatically control pirated copies. The sale of original copies will go up by 10 folds.

    • Dear Ranga Rao sir,
      You are right
      The Microsoft People also know this. But You please consider the hardship of giving After sales service.
      Already Microsoft’s eyes are out (in Tamil “Muzhi Pidhungi pochchu”). With poor knowledge East Asians and Americans they are giving after sales support. Just by paying Rs 1000, our people, will daily call Microsoft, my paint program is not working as good as my neighbor’s Windows. My computer works very slow. Like that…Like That… I am practically facing with end users. But still I am also in support of you, I too quoted Rs 1000 per system to Microsoft. Let us see in the future
      Chennai – India

  4. I want to buy this product but I am waiting for the price to be reduce
    so plz inform me whether it will reduce or not .


    • KLN Computers says

      The Prices are already down
      1. Windows 7 Home Basic – Rs. 5,899

      2. Windows 7 Home Premium – Rs. 6,799
      3. Windows 7 Professional – Rs. 11,199
      4. Windows 7 Ultimate – Rs. 11,799

  5. wat if we get dis at just rs.150……..
    available at all railway stations………………..does d same thing man.
    gates is not giong to reduce d price

  6. the prices r too high as compared 2 odr os………to promote windows 7 in india prices need 2 b reduced

  7. I truely agree by the above gentlemen that there is a need of slashing down Windows7 price down to a minimum of Rs1000 atleast, so as to expect every Indian to afford it.I would be glad of hearing this as quick as possible. I thereby urge them to look at this matter quickly.THANKS.

  8. I Need windows 7 Professional & Msoffice2007 full Version.can guide me how to purches.


  9. Yes the price must be reduced to Rs.500/- so that everyone in india use the original windows.If price is reduced Gates will earn more than currently he is earning.

  10. i agree 2 da point of dr.aloke chakrvarthi……. let dis products price be at a truly affordable for every1….. may b around Rs.500……..

  11. sudhakar says

    Billgates became the irchest person in world becuase he collects like that by selling his products at premium rates.

  12. dr.Aloke Chakravartty says

    Window products are out of the reach of average Indians. There are other products from MS that you need to run your computer. The total price would go well beyong Rs25000/. It is unfortunate that we are having to pay such a high price in hard currency for a product which need not be improved for regular work.The actual price should be about Rs500 including office and antivirous.
    I would love any comments on this.

  13. I’m agree with u buddy the price r to much then how can any social student access a leagel os…..

  14. mail me i will give the iso. image of windows 7 ultimate for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. E Rajagopalan says

    I fully agree with the views of Mr. Felix on the pricing of Win 7. If MS offers at a reasonable price, it is certain that lots of people all over the world will buy the legal version instead of pirated versions. This will certainly result in great profits for MS.

  16. Windows 7 sucks… 10,000 …. :O are they mad… better I use XP… duh.. :( …

  17. the prices of windows 7 are too high, microsoft is vary popular and there are vary social convetions. hence if they comedown the prices. it will be vary useful to public. my openion is
    1. Windows 7 Home Basic – Rs. 2,000
    2. Windows 7 Home Premium – Rs. 3,000
    3. Windows 7 Professional – Rs. 4,000
    4. Windows 7 Ultimate – Rs. 5,000

  18. if price of india

    1 Windows 7 Home Basic – Rs. 1
    2. Windows 7 Home Premium – Rs. 2
    3. Windows 7 Professional – Rs. 3
    4. Windows 7 Ultimate – Rs. 3

  19. a price tag of 11000 something is just absurd… this is just gonna increase the piracy rate… a price of around 2000 is good enough for microsoft…. losers cant think from their heads…. if they keep the price at about 2000 many people are gonna buy instead of using pirated versions…. that will result in greater profits for the company…. at the moment 0.5-1% of the people might be buying the software… decreasing the price to around 1500-2000 will surely result in a huge rise of genuine software purchase….

    • Dhayalanathan M says

      I absolutely agree with you.
      the price tag for these OSs are much higher and an average person cannot afford to buy it. hence will look for pirated one.

  20. windows 7 price in india is 6000Rs , but if u buy pirated version it will cost only 150 Rs.. hehe .. :)

  21. If the Prices in India / Delhi shall as under then it will worth to buy

    1. Windows 7 Home Basic – Rs. 1,000/-
    2. Windows 7 Home Premium – Rs. 1,500/-
    3. Windows 7 Professional – Rs. 2,000/-
    4. Windows 7 Ultimate – Rs. 2,500/-

  22. the price is too costly for a student ,satish from bikramganj

  23. windows 7 ultimate ki price 6000 rs honi hai

  24. still i think microsoft window is the most convenient OS for your laptops. most of the application are made to run on windows os. and new users cant start using linux/unix directly… i think its worth!

  25. Sourav Konar says

    the price is very high. if it is Rs/-199.00 for Windows 7 Ultimate then some may be buy. otherwise we have linux … better than windows 7

  26. you suckers of microsoft coporation in india no one will buy ultimate edition of windows 7. if you keep the price rs 5000then all people will buy

  27. I dough the point made in your post about nearly 40% slash in the price of Windows 7 for India, coz when you convert the Windows 7 Home Edition price on Windows Store which is 199.99 it comes to nearly 5899.99 which is infact more then what it is in the rest of the world….

    Thought it is worth

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