Send SMS in hindi from mobile phone with Quillpad

Are you looking for easy and hassle free way to send SMS in Hindi (Indian) language? Quillpad mobile application makes this possible without too many strings. You can send SMS in Hindi language from any mobile phone supporting JAVA. There is no need for Hindi font support on senders phone

Search & download bollywood music ringtones at Guruji

For starters, Guruji is "India specific content" search engine. Besides searching for localized content, it has been rolling out music search features. Previously, it launched orkut and Facebook music apps to listen music online. Now, it has launched music ringtone search and download

Watch videos from India on Tubaah, hulu indian style?

NDTV (New Delhi Television) has quietly launched a new video website 'Tubaah' with loads of video content. For starters, its not a Youtube clone or website craving for user uploaded content. You can register and track favorite video but NO user can upload videos on this website. Being

Top 25 Hottest Indian Websites, Is IN.COM inn ?

Indian webspace is seeing lot of action these days with number of homegrown players and international players like Myspace concentrating and promoting India flavoured portals. One portal that has stormed in recent past is (buzz suggest parent company web18 paid 3 crores to