How to use Vine for creating short videos

Vine videos are getting popular on the internet. Vine service is supported by Twitter that allows you to create short looping videos. You can make short videos of 6 seconds or less with sound using Vine App. Just like short text updates on Twitter or static photo updates on Instagram, Vine

Watch IPL cricket matches live online on Youtube

Indian Premier League, also called IPL - is a popular 20 over format of cricket action. New season of 2012 IPL has kicked off with all the cricketing action mixed with glamour and entertainment. With huge popularity, IPL has wide reach among worldwide audience on different platforms. Sony

Capture images from video online & make PDF file

Do you want to take screenshot from a video? And then customize images extracted from the video with custom title and description. Also, make a printable file or generate PDF file containing those customized screenshots. Ideally, you will need heavy loaded software for such image capture

Stop Youtube video buffering download

Ideally when you watch a Youtube video, it continues to download and buffer even when video is paused. Video buffering continues till you close the Youtube video page or drag the video slider to the end of video timeline. 'Stop buffering' option may be required when you are browsing

Download & save videos, music streams from MTV website

Just saw a cool video or listened to an interesting audio piece on MTV website, want to download it on the computer for future offline viewing? MTV Grabber tool makes this all easy involving few simple clicks. This tool allows you to download audio, video streams from MTV website and save

Save Hulu videos on desktop for offline viewing with Hulu Grabber

Do you love watching cool video content on website? Do you want to save these videos on your computer for offline pleasure viewing? Hulu Grabber is a free application that can download any video from Hulu website on your computer. After the download, you can play Hulu videos like

See Joost videos on desktop, Adobe Air media player

Joost is a cool website to view loads of interesting video content. Now you can bring Joost videos from your browser to desktop using Adobe Air based Joost Media Player. The player has over 400 television shows, a library of over 10,000 music videos and a large selection of films. Player

Watch DailyMotion videos without Flash in Firefox

Majority of online videos are flash based and many users get bugged with message saying "no flash player installed'. Well, requirement of Adobe Flash plugin to watch online videos could soon be history. Dailymotion video sharing website has launched special section where you can watch

Hulu Desktop version, videos outside web browser

Hulu is a very popular video website showcasing top TV shows and movies. However, Hulu video viewing is only available in USA (users in other parts of the world can only view it after applying geo-location hacks). Anyway, if you are Hulu viewer in United States - here is good news in the

Watch multiple Youtube videos in 3D cube

YouCube offer an interesting way to see multiple Youtube videos in the form of interactive 3D cube. You can load upto 6 Youtube videos each playing on either side of the cube. Click on the buttons on the left side and enter specific Youtube video URL. Related - Youtube Game: 30

Watch IPL 2009 matches online, see live cricket

IPL (Indian Premier League) all set to keep cricket fans busy in coming days. This version of instant cricket get huge attention from loads of cricket fans. Traditionally, we would download or use unreliable streaming websites to watch live cricket action on the internet but IPL 2009 has

10 Ways for screen recording [screencasting]

Web has become faster and now we tend to share, view more videos like never before. With screencasting [recording screen movements] getting easy, more computer users are recording screen movement and further saving / sharing resultant videos. It is an effective way to visually represent a