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IPL (Indian Premier League) all set to keep cricket fans busy in coming days. This version of instant cricket get huge attention from loads of cricket fans. Traditionally, we would download or use unreliable streaming websites to watch live cricket action on the internet but IPL 2009 has Live streaming at official website.

dlf-ipl-2009-team-pics is the official website for IPL 2009 action. You can catch latest news, scores, photos and Live streaming of matches online. Make sure your computer is all ready to allow you to watch live action. Windows users must install Microsoft Silverlight and Linux users install Moonlight for viewing live cricket action.

Besides the official IPLt20 website streaming Live cricket, there are number of other websites claiming to offer similar service. Checkout some options here (try on your own risk, its better to stick with official IPL streaming at IPLt20 website). [IPL 2009 match schedule]



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    Legend Saurav Ganguly is the God of indian cricket.. respect him.
    Only he stood strong , last time also , and this year also,
    as hes the only one who is contributing in batting and bowling.
    but its impossible for a single person to carry the burden of the whole team.

    That idiot srk has been blinded, by Buchanan and his flop coaching skills . Buchanan is ruining every thing.

    British raaj is over , but still there are people like srk and vijaya mallya, who will forever remain in the shoes of white skin ones, bcoz they are born to do slavery (impressing the white skins is present in their blood and genes).

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  10. Watch Live Streaming IPL 2009 Online here. Whether your TV is not working or your are at office or not able to see it on TV due to your family members watching some other channel, you can come right here to Live IPL Streaming T20 Match Online for FREE.

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