Watch IPL cricket matches live online on Youtube

Indian Premier League, also called IPL - is a popular 20 over format of cricket action. New season of 2012 IPL has kicked off with all the cricketing action mixed with glamour and entertainment. With huge popularity, IPL has wide reach among worldwide audience on different platforms. Sony

Play Cricket game on Youtube, 2 overs of fun

Big events always bring fresh and creative ideas and offerings. If it was Youtube celebrity game during Oscars awards season, here is first Cricket game on Youtube during IPL (Indian Premier League) season. You get to bat for 2 overs in this Youtube videos based cricket game and score

Watch IPL 2009 matches online, see live cricket

IPL (Indian Premier League) all set to keep cricket fans busy in coming days. This version of instant cricket get huge attention from loads of cricket fans. Traditionally, we would download or use unreliable streaming websites to watch live cricket action on the internet but IPL 2009 has