Customize Youtube Embed Code for FullScreen & more


Youtube videos are often seen embedded on posts and articles on number of blogs and website. Embedded Youtube Videos cannot be viewed full screen and you need to click through to Youtube website for full screen viewing.

Well, not any more with VTubeTools. It allows you to customize embed code of any Youtube video with an option to view video full screen even when embedded on a third party website or blog.

There is more, it offer loads of customization options. To get started, grab the Video ID of Youtube Video, for example ( here 6mjwyLp6OiM is video ID.

Enter Video ID and start playing with customization options which include:

  • Set video to Autoplay on page load.
  • Customize dimensions of video window.
  • Choose player color, enter desired color codes.
  • Full screen and border enabled or disabled.
  • Display related videos.

Besides above, you can customize the skin or background of video window. You can also set to load high quality video by default.

Checkout VTubeTools, an interesting Youtube Video customization service in times when most Youtube services end up at option to download Youtube Videos (VTubeTools also support video download!).



  1. Thanks for you. Nice Post

  2. this is a pile of cuUm… this site doesnt work at all, when you type in the youtube url sorce all it lets you paste is “httP://” which makes it imposible to use!!! this is bull sh1t!!!! isnt even the full url for YOUTUBE.COM i repeat you can only type in “HTTP://WWW.YOUTUBE.CO” IT NEEDS AN .COM!!! YOU CAN ONLY TYPE UP TO 21 CHARACTERS. F*CK THIS SITE MAN….. :(

    • No need to get cross. Seems to be working fine for me and my blog. Note that the instructions say paste in the URL -OR- the video ID number. So if you are having character limit problems, type in just the video ID number.

      • Hi not bad but I was hoping if it was possible to autostart the video in fullscreen, without having to click on the button to put it to fullscreen, if you could tell me how to do so I would appreciate it :)

  3. dreamingwolfsocom says

    I just wanted to know if you can create this code into full screen. This is a Youtube playlist I am putting into a web page. Not a single video.

  4. Thank you. Will try it at my news-site:


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