5 special web Browsers for Kids safe internet


Internet has both good and bad sides of online content access, sharing and interaction. With kids accessing internet, parents are worried lot on how to manage their child’s internet access. Fortunately, there are number of ways to keep check and provide Kids safe internet environment. Besides teaching and advising kids on what type of content should be accessed, parents can also download / install special web browser software that only allow access to kids safe content on the internet.

1. KidZui – Internet for Kids

KidZui is most popular and very efficient web browser for kids. You can download it as standalone web browser or use as Firefox plugin for effective parental control. KidZui browser provide access to Kids friendly version of Youtube website featuring funny videos and that of Kids favorite celebrities like Justin, Miley.

It also feature quality games that helps in kids overall development. This includes mind puzzles, dress up games, arcade and other games like Lego Indiana Jones or Secret Bear World. It features new and interesting online resources for kids like new kids websites and tools.

2. PikLuk – Kids safe Internet

Pikluk [Pikluk.com] is another excellent web browser specially designed for kids. As a parent you can control all the content that your kid can access and even disable access to stuff you feel is not good for your child. You can login into dashboard at pikluk.com from anywhere (even while at work) to keep check on kids email interactions and allowed websites.

Also, while your kid use internet through PikLuk browser – other parts of computer cannot be accessed like file and documents stored on computer. Browser has funky and colorful interface – which your kids will love and you as a parent will like this because of its strict online content restrictions feature.

3. Internet Explorer – IE 9 kids safe browser

IE 9 kids safe browser has been made available by CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) and Microsoft. This is a customised version of Internet Explorer browser for children with instant access to CEOP’s one stop shop for Internet safety.

This is only available for Windows 7 OS users using Internet Explorer browser. Just visit the website and upgrade your existing IE 9 browser with CEOP kids protection. For sure a better alternative, if you do not want to install standalone browser for your child (but those special browsers do provide better control than this IE9 upgrade).

4. Zac Browser – kids with Autism & special needs

Zac Browser is a free download-able web browser software developed specially for kids with Autism and special needs. It provides lot of features to manage content and other customizations. You can control kids browser usage by setting timer. Besides PC, it is also compatible to work on mobile and tablets.

5. Firefly – Simple web browser for kids

Firefly is a simple web browser software for kids. Windows users can install this web browser to provide their kids a safe internet surfing interface. This browser starts from luciboo.com and you can navigate further to liked pages or websites added in favorites. It provide kids safe Google search results and parents can set timer to restrict usage duration to specific amount of time.

Besides above, parents need to be play active and constructive role in monitoring child’s online activity. You can follow online safety tips to prevent exploitation and bullying of kids online. Windows 7 users can configure parental controls to restrict access to certain installed programs.


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