Firefox as Kids safe browser with parental controls


Are you looking for a safe way for your child to access internet? Well, Firefox web browser can serve this purpose after installation of addon ‘KidZui’. It converts Firfox into a kid-safe environment with over a million kid-friendly websites, games, pictures, and YouTube videos.

There is more, KidZui prevents kids from closing the browser, downloading files or opening other applications. This is a super easy way to allows kids to explore the internet without worrying about them accessing adult websites or accidentally deleting important files.

Besides the safety, its comes preloaded with lot of content specially for kids. No need to search the internet, kids will love to see and explore existing content specially gathered for them. Install Kidzui addon in your Firefox for very own kids browser with parental controls. [ Youtube for Kids ]



  1. We can’t personally watch our kids everytime they go to the internet, that’s why we need a software to watch over them. There is a software at that is free to download and totally safe for kids.

  2. It should be noted that this software is subscription based, it works without the subscription but would be very frustrating for kids as they will be denied access to a lot of the content which is pushed at them by KidzUI. It is not very exoensive but it is also not very up front about its subscription fee. Other than that this seems to be a nice piece of foftware.

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