Use encrypted Google search in Chrome & Firefox


Google has introduced “Google SSL search”. It is an encrypted and more secure version of Google search. While using Google SSL, a direct connection between user computer and Google is created. Data transferred during Google search cannot be intercepted by any third party. You can easily set and use encrypted Google Search in Google Chrome, Firefox browsers.

Encrypted Google search in Chrome

You can use encrypted version of Google and other websites (if available) using KB SSL Enforce. It allows automatic redirecting to more secure SSL version of any website including Google search.

1. Open Google Chrome browser and install KB SSL Enforce extension.

2. After install, open, it will be automatically redirected to – which is more secured SSL encrypted Google Search.

Encrypted Google search in Firefox

Just like Google Chrome browser extension, you can use Firefox addon for accessing encrypted version of Google Search.

1. Launch Firefox browser and open Google SSL plugin page.

2. Click “Download Now” button and restart Firefox browser.

3. Then goto Search Bar at right side and select “Google SSL” to use encrypted Google search as default within Firefox browser.


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