Make Web Browser safe & secure

"... I am using latest version of web browser and still got malicious attack!" Besides updated web browser software, there are number of other related elements that can render a web browser insecure. You could be using either of web browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox,

Insert iStock photos in MS Word, PowerPoint documents

iStockphoto(.com) is a leading stock images website. If you happen to use lot of stock images within Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents, then makes things very easy and quick using iStock Office plugin. It is a MS Office addon that allows you to search and insert iStock photos from

Generate barcode from data in MS Word & Excel

Do you want to easily generate barcodes in Microsoft Office Word and Excel programs? By default there is no functionality in MS Word / Excel to create barcodes. However, barcode addon for MS Word / Excel makes this an easy routine. After installing plugin, you can generate barcode from

Auto complete text macros in Google Chrome

Do you type lot of text content on computer? If yes, then you must be repeating lot of words and one liners during typing routine. You can make things quicker by using customized auto complete macros within Google Chrome browser. This is possible using PopChrom extension wich allows you to

Add Help tab to Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon interface

You can make Help feature in Microsoft Office 2007 program more productive and easy by adding 'Help' tab option. This is possible by using official "Microsoft Office 2007 Help Tab" addon for MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007. Help tabs allows easy access useful features like: getting

Explore underwater Ocean online with Google Earth

A while back, Google Earth went for upgrade to add Oceans and 3D Mars exploration. Now, Google Earth has released plugin that allows you to explore Ocean beauty online within web browser. After installing plugin, you can follow along as National Geographic explorer, Sylvia Earle,

Browse SkyDrive files from Windows Explorer

Microsoft SkyDrive is a free service for online storage of files and data. It provides 25GB free storage space and you can browse stored files within web browser through official skydrive website. Now you can do that same through default Windows Explorer interface by installing SkyDrive

Import Google Analytics data in MS Excel [Office plugin]

Excellent Analytics is a free Microsoft Excel plugin to import Google Analytics data into an Excel spreadsheet. After the import you can manipulate and save date for further analysis. You can build queries with all dimensions and metrics available in Google Analytics. Also apply filters to

Create & Edit XPS files in MS Office Word 2007

XPS is a file format extension for specific type of documents. We have already seen free Micosoft XPS viewer software to open and view XPS files. You can also crete and further edit XPS files within Microsoft Office Word 2007 installed on your computer. This is possible by installing free

Mouse Gestures Plugin for Google Chrome browser

Now you can perform tasks with mouse gestures in Google Chrome browser using Chrome Gestures plugin. It allows you to execute simple commands using mouse gestures. You can also create your own gestures by editing ChromeGestures.user.js file. Default configuration supports following

Export MS Access database to Zoho to create web apps

Zoho creator has bumped up new plugin that makes web application creation process real easy. It has released new plugin for Microsoft Access that allows easy import of Microsoft Access database into Zoho creator. After the transfer to Zoho creator, an application is automatically created

Print selected part of Email message in Outlook 2007

We can easily print selected part of any email message in Outlook 2003. However, this feature is missing in Outlook 2007. Outlook 2007 Essential Addon brings back this feature in Outlook 2007. After the install, right click on any email message and then click on Outlook Essential Mail