5 special web Browsers for Kids safe internet

Internet has both good and bad sides of online content access, sharing and interaction. With kids accessing internet, parents are worried lot on how to manage their child's internet access. Fortunately, there are number of ways to keep check and provide Kids safe internet environment.

I am expecting Child, announce on Facebook status update

Becoming parents is most cherish moment of life for any couple. If you are expecting a child, how about announcing it all your friends and family members on Facebook. There is no need to create custom message for pregnancy information, which might get lost of slew of updates on Facebook

Prevent Cyber bullying of kids on Internet: safety tips

Bullying has sadly become part of every stage of our growing up. It starts at impression-able young stage of school life while in teens. We are all familiar with bullying and its dangerous after effect in schools and colleges. It has now spread online and this form of bullying is called

How can parents access their children Facebook account

Facebook is an addictive social networking website. As a result, many (including children) want to create account on Facebook to join the action. By default, Facebook requires its users to be at least 13 years old to able to create an account. Did your child provide wrong age information

What is minimum age to create Facebook account

Facebook is used lot of people throughout the world. Majority of users are young and techno savvy wanting to interact 24X7 through their Facebook profiles. With lot of stuff going on Facebook, certain things are not deemed satisfactory for young minds. As a results, Facebook has minimum

Windows 7 Parental Controls for usage time, programs & games

When your kids are using computer, there is constant worry as to how much time they will be using PC  for gaming , studying or for some thing else (like entertainment & other stuff). Thankfully on Window 7 you can check on your child's computing habits without need for physcial

Youtube Safe for Kids, turn ON safetly mode

Due to free availability of all types of content, monitoring and control on internet surfing is a tough task. Google is doing its bit: so after safe Google Image search for blocking mature images, it has introduced Safety mode on Youtube website. With Safety mode turned ON, user will not

Check if number is prime & see Factors of non-prime number

Teaching kids is no easy task, sometime even a simplest of task can be huge for parents. For example: checking if a specific number is prime or not. Also, checking factors of the number if specific number is not a prime number. Are you looking for help in this regard of prime numbers and

Restrict kids computer usage to specific hours time

Is your child spending too much on computer? Well, its time to restrict computer usage and this does not involve lot of efforts. Romaco Timeout is a free application that allow restricting computer usage to specific amount of hours in a day. Different usage time can be set for different

Windows Live Messenger for Kids, German edition

Microsoft is now thinking about kids and has launched Windows Live Messenger for Kids. Strangely, it is only available in German language but it does pack in some cool features and creates environment ideal for kids. It is a web based messaging service that require installation of

Firefox as Kids safe browser with parental controls

Are you looking for a safe way for your child to access internet? Well, Firefox web browser can serve this purpose after installation of addon 'KidZui'. It converts Firfox into a kid-safe environment with over a million kid-friendly websites, games, pictures, and YouTube videos. There