5 special web Browsers for Kids safe internet

Internet has both good and bad sides of online content access, sharing and interaction. With kids accessing internet, parents are worried lot on how to manage their child's internet access. Fortunately, there are number of ways to keep check and provide Kids safe internet environment.

Prevent Cyber bullying of kids on Internet: safety tips

Bullying has sadly become part of every stage of our growing up. It starts at impression-able young stage of school life while in teens. We are all familiar with bullying and its dangerous after effect in schools and colleges. It has now spread online and this form of bullying is called

How to report imposter, fake Facebook profile

Facebook is a healthy and interactive medium for social networking. Still, you may come across negative elements or activities on Facebook. Just like you can report abusive photo uploading and sharing on Facebook, there are measures for fake Facebook profiles. You can easily report an

How to report abusive photos on Facebook

Facebook users upload and share lot of photos, even more than a standalone photo sharing sites like photobucket. Did you notice an abusive, bad taste or mature photo posted by a Facebook user? You can easily keep report such abusive photos anonymously that violate Facebook's "Statement of

Block images on webpages in Firefox

Do you want to block images loading or being displayed while browsing specific websites? This can enhance browsing speed on slow internet connection and save on bandwidth costs. Parents can enforce strict control by blocking images on websites not fit for viewing by children. You can

Youtube Safe for Kids, turn ON safetly mode

Due to free availability of all types of content, monitoring and control on internet surfing is a tough task. Google is doing its bit: so after safe Google Image search for blocking mature images, it has introduced Safety mode on Youtube website. With Safety mode turned ON, user will not

WOT (web of trust) Google Chrome plugin for safe browsing

For starters: WOT (web of trust) is a security plugin for web browser to remain safe from online scams, identity theft, spyware, spam, viruses and unreliable shopping sites. It displays rating for weblinks and warn you of website that may harm the computer user. This useful plugin is

Safe way to share Not Safe For Work NSFW links at work

Sharing Not Safe For Work content on public network in not safe. Some people may not like NSFW content surprise and would like to be warned before they actually view such content. With proper warning, one can create or explore conditions to view such content safely like opening it when

Google safe browsing page to check website infection

Is your website or blog infected with malware or trojans? You can easily check for the same by accessing Google safe browsing diagnostic page for your website URL. Google display report of possible malware infection on special webpage for every domain URL in its index. It shows the current

5 ways to Keep Gmail Safe from phishing attacks

Recently makeuseof tech blog domain was hacked and owner blackmailed. They did manage to get domain back without paying a penny but the whole ordeal left many wondering "IS GMAIL UNSAFE to store sensitive information?" Now, Gmail team has spoken and explained in details about 'what could

Prevent Not Safe For Work Stuff Shock with No-NSFW

NSFW - 'Not Safe For Work' content popping up in office enviroment can cause embrassement big time. While there is an easy way to share NSFW URLs, here is an alternative while you surf web using FireFox Browser. No-NSFW is a Firefox Extension which warns you about NSFW links before you

Snip & Share NSFW(Not Safe For Work) URLs with ease

There are number of URL snipping services to snip and shorten long URLs. NSFW is another URL snipping services solely to share NSFW (Not Safe For Work) URLs. Now you can share URLs containing risky or mature content with ease. Ever clicked a link and felt embarrassed with the