Snip & Share NSFW(Not Safe For Work) URLs with ease


There are number of URL snipping services to snip and shorten long URLs. NSFW is another URL snipping services solely to share NSFW (Not Safe For Work) URLs. Now you can share URLs containing risky or mature content with ease.

  • Ever clicked a link and felt embarrassed with the content in front of your co-workers?
  • Ever caught unaware because the funny link your friend sent was a little beyond funny?

With NSFW service you can for sure prevent the embarrassment or being in tight spot. Using this service is very easy and basic. Enter the URL that you want to share and click on ‘make link safer’ button.

You will get a snipped up URL [like] When you visit this URL, instead of being directed to original weblink you will get a warning message regarding sensitivity of the URL as [‘Warning! The link you’re about to visit is NSFW!’]

Click on [I’m OK, Take me there] button to visit the original URL. One very easy and quick way to share NSFW links, what say? Checkout NSFW


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