10 URL Shortening or Snipping Services


URL (Universal/Unique Resource Locator) is term used for the weblink/web address of a specific page on a website. URL Shortening is used to reduce the length of weblink.

For example, Original URL: http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/story.aspx?id=NEWEN20070029044&ch=10/11/2007%202:48:00%20PM
Shortened URL:

Why is this required? Well, there are so many uses. First, shortened URL looks much better. Besides, you can easly pass on the URL to other person if its lenght is small. Such services are used by number of home users. Even, technical support people use such services to guide customers to a weblink quickly while on the phone.

TinyURL – One the most popular URL snipping service and my favorite as well.

Qurl – Very simple interface, enter the original URL and click on ‘Create Qurl’.

SnipURL Very handy service with additional features of ‘Nickname’ & ‘Private Key’.

JittyAnother url snipping service worth a try, very simple interface.

Shorl Not only snips URL, also provide feature to check statistics of your shorls.

ClipURLBesides clipping, you can register to track your clipped URLs for free.

Shurl Gives option to use automated sniped URL or add your own custom name.

zURL Another very simple and easy to use URL snipping service, worth a try.

No more long and ugly looking URLs, its time to get small and smart, what say?



  1. I suggest sn.vc as it got a short domain and filled with useful features.

  2. Checkout http://www.shrink2one.com/ to convert multiple long urls into one shrinked URL.

    @ http://www.shrink2one.com/

  3. Try http://piurl.com. I hope you find it useful

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