Determine IP address of website or blog domain


Every website, domain & computer on internet is associated with specific IP address. Website(s) have unique IP address pointing to specific server connected to the internet. You can use ping command to see associated IP address of any website or blog URL. However, this method can be technical for majority of users. Hence you can use easy to use online tools for quick check of IP address of a website or blog.

Use Ping Command to check IP address

1. Goto Start > Run. Then type cmd in run box & click OK.
2. In the black window, type ping [For example ping]. Then press the Enter key to see associated IP address in ping results. [Details with Screenshots]

Online Tools to find IP address

1. Self SEO IP lookup Just type any website URL and click ‘Get IP’ button to see associated IP address details and server location.

2. Domain Tools checker Enter website URL and click ‘Lookup’ button. Then click ‘Server Stats’ tab button to see IP address details.

3. It is another easy to use online tool to check IP address of any website or domain. Just enter website / domain URL and click GO button to see associated IP address and location.



  1. Dominique says

    I prefer these online tools to check IP and Location of a site.

  2. Great resources, thanks.

  3. Im trying to find the ip address of a comment that was written on a blog…I dont want the website ip I just want the ip of the person who wrote the comment….is there any way to get it?

  4. ip address location says

    I got this link from my lecturer
    (Also not bad)

  5. This can also be done by “NSLOOKUP” Command in Command Prompt.

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