Find physical Server location of host website & ip address

Do you want to know the exact physical location of the server hosting specific website or ip address? You may need such information while researching on prospective hosting company's server location for future use. There are few free online tools that can extract physical geographical

Setup or disable IPv6 on MAC

IPv6 stands for Internet Protocol version 6. It is a successor and replacement of current IPv4 (version 4). IPv6 is being introduced to overcome shortage of IPv4 addresses. IPv6 addresses are longer at 128bits as compared to 32bit long IPv4 addresses. We can easily disable IPv6 on Windows

Delete corrupt ARP cache on Windows 7

ARP stands for Address Resolution Protocol. It is used to map IP addresses to MAC addresses. ARP cache contains recent IP addresses to MAC addresses mapping to reduce number of ARP requests. Sometimes ARP cache become corrupt and we need to clear it to solve issue at hand. Corrupt ARP

Convert IP address to Country location

IP address form backbone of the internet by giving it much needed order and organization. Each connected computer on the internet has unique IP address for easy identification and communication. Do you want to know country or location associated with specific IP address? You can extract

Check DNS settings of domain online

DNS (Domain Name Server) settings of a domain is a very important parameter for successful running of a website. Wrong DNS settings can make website inaccessible. Also, DNS setting change take some to propagate throughout the internet (upto 48hours). You can easily check on DNS server

View Gmail login activity location & IP address

Gmail is a popular web based email service from Google. Just like with every popular service, there can hack attempts with people trying to break into your Gmail acccount. One easy way to ensure healthy Gmail usage is by checking Gmail account login activity. You can monitor Gmail login IP

View network routes, destination, MAC & IP address

Do you want to see details of network routes working on your computer? Free portable tool "Net Route View" provide easy user interface to view such information. It display list of all routes of your current network setup including finer details of different aspects like: destination, mask,

Determine IP address of website or blog domain

Every website, domain & computer on internet is associated with specific IP address. Website(s) have unique IP address pointing to specific server connected to the internet. You can use ping command to see associated IP address of any website or blog URL. However, this method can be

Find email sender IP address in Gmail, Yahoo & Live

Email is a common online medium for communication. Sometimes, we need to know about an email sender besides his email address. You can easily get email sender's detailed information by viewing full headers of received email. Information contained in full email headers can be used to know

How to disable IPv6 on Windows 7 & Vista PC

Due to shortage of IPv4 addresses, IPv6 system was introduced with better security features. While it is enabled and present on Windows 7 & Vista computer, it is hardly used by any application or device as of now. So, you may disable IPv6 on the computer as this may result in better

How to Ping website or IP address

Ping command is used to check the connectivity of your PC with network or domain. It helps establish if connection it working fine or not. Ping Command sends packets of information to a specified IP Address / domain and then measures the time it takes to get a response from the specific

Check DNS propagation status of website

DNS stands for Domain Name Server. You need to change them in an event of moving website from one hosting company to another. For a new domain / website, you need to assign DNS value as per specific web hosting company. DNS change (propagation) can take some time to take effect throughout