How to Ping website or IP address


Ping command is used to check the connectivity of your PC with network or domain. It helps establish if connection it working fine or not. Ping Command sends packets of information to a specified IP Address / domain and then measures the time it takes to get a response from the specific computer or no response at all.

Pinging a Website or IP Address

1.Click on Start > Run
2. Type cmd and click OK button
3.Type Ping <wesite address> or Ping < ip address>
For example Ping

4. If you get reply, implies connection is working properly as packets of information is exchanging successfully. While request timed out message means that connection is not working properly and troubleshooting needs to be done in the network to establish successful connction.

Information displayed by Ping command

1. IP address
2. Number of Bytes sent
3. Time it took in milliseconds
4. TTL i.e. Time to Live which tells limit on the period of time or number of iterations or transmissions in computer and computer network technology that a unit of  packet can experience before it should be discarded.



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