Delete hiberfil.sys hibernation file to recover drive space

Windows Hibernate function support hibernate feature on Windows operating system. If you do not use hibernate feature then you can disable this feature and save lot of hard drive space. Hibernate function creates hiberfil.sys file that store snapshot of Windows system at specific time for

Create batch file for ping Command

Some time you are required to ping a server, website or specific PC many times in a day to check connectivity. Doing it manually can some time and effort. You can automate this routine by creating a batch file. Just create a batch file for ping command specifying IP address that should

Check system uptime on Windows 7, Vista & XP

"... for how long I have been using my computer?" You can easily get answer to this question and get inspired to take a well deserved break. You can use systeminfo command in command prompt window to check on the boot time or system uptime (time since Windows system has been up and running

Kill Windows process manually with taskkill command

Sometimes Task manager and registry editor is disabled as a result of Virus effect. Stopping or killing a Windows process during this requires workaround with manual method [alternatively, use free utility to enabled disabled Window features]. You can easily kill any Windows process

How to Ping website or IP address

Ping command is used to check the connectivity of your PC with network or domain. It helps establish if connection it working fine or not. Ping Command sends packets of information to a specified IP Address / domain and then measures the time it takes to get a response from the specific

Open Command Prompt in Windows 7 with Administrator rights

"This Setup Must be Launched from an Elevated Command Prompt”, are you getting similar error message while trying to install program on Windows 7 operating system? Also, you may be getting "access denied error" while trying to execute few commands in Command Prompt window. You can easily

Add Command Prompt to Windows right click menu

If you are comfortable with commands, then Command Prompt is a powerful and easy way to do things. QuickCMD utility adds Command Prompt to Windows right click menu. You can start or invoke Windows command processor for any selected folder, logical drive, network folder or their subfolders

Measure Hard disk temperature with command line utility

Are you interesting in knowning temperature condition of hard drive(s) on the computer? DiskTemp is free command line utility to see Hard drive temperature (in degree celcius). This small program accesses the SMART data provided by some hard disks and the BIOS for the final temperature of

Give Aero glass look to Command prompt in Vista & 7

Windows Vista and 7 has Aero effect that renders glass look to every window you open except the Command prompt (CMD) window. It still has the age old interface of one tone color. Glass CMD is a small utility that renders Aero glass look to your commands prompt window. Related -