Create batch file for ping Command


Some time you are required to ping a server, website or specific PC many times in a day to check connectivity. Doing it manually can some time and effort. You can automate this routine by creating a batch file. Just create a batch file for ping command specifying IP address that should ping at each execution of command.

Make batch file for Ping Command

1. Goto Start > Run and type Notepad to open Notepad on your PC.

2. Type c:\windows\system32\ping “IP ADDRESS” -t,      IP ADDRESS is that which you want to monitor.

3. Save the File with the extension .bat (For example save the file as ping.bat)

4. An icon is create where you saved the file. Double click the icon to run ping command. That it. Now ping test will run every time you double click on that icon.



  1. Use this in Windows XP
    %SystemRoot%\System32\ping.exe 1 -t

    For Windows 7
    ping -t

    Save the File with the extension .bat

  2. How I can log this results in a existing file with custome words; for example when is replied log must be connect and conversely?

  3. Don’t forget to use Dr.Batcher ( ) to create batch files.

  4. require bat file to check ping command with date and time format


  5. very help ful comment

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