How to use Google Chrome & Firefox as Notepad

Notepad provide an ideal neat layout for typing out thoughts without any distractions. If you live in the web browser, why open notepad application on Windows. You can easily convert your web browser into notepad without installing any plugin software. Modern web browsers like: Google

Create batch file for ping Command

Some time you are required to ping a server, website or specific PC many times in a day to check connectivity. Doing it manually can some time and effort. You can automate this routine by creating a batch file. Just create a batch file for ping command specifying IP address that should

Listen to text message as audio using Notepad

Do you want to listen to text on Windows PC without having to install any special software? You can perform text to speech conversion using good old Notepad.  This method involves basic built-in API called SAPI (Speech Application Programming Interface). With few lines of code, you can

Notepad with Tabs to open multiple text files

Are you looking for a better alternative to good old Notepad? Well, free application NotepadTabs for sure can be next jump forward with all existing Notepad features and loads of new features as well. As suggested by name, NotepadTabs is a notepad application with tabs - just like in

TakeNote, spiced Notepad for notes & todo manager

Many of us prefer to keep track of important things using good old simple Notepad. There is always urge to have notepad with few more features, yet stay simple and quick. TakeNote, is a small notepad style application - which is simple and very useful to keep track of lot of information.

Portable Notepad ++ For text editing on the GO

If you are involved in typing lot of text, then portable Notepad ++ should save lot of time and hassles of management. It is a portable app which allows development on the GO. There is nothing to install and it support all cool features of notepad++ text editor packaged as portable. It

Power Packed Alternative to Notepad – DocPad

Notepad is simple and very useful Windows application. Get all the goodness of Notepad with additional power packed features with free 'alternative to notepad' - DocPad. It does everything a notepad can do. Infact, it does more than what a notepad can do. Following are features of