Notepad with Tabs to open multiple text files


Are you looking for a better alternative to good old Notepad? Well, free application NotepadTabs for sure can be next jump forward with all existing Notepad features and loads of new features as well. As suggested by name, NotepadTabs is a notepad application with tabs – just like in Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox. You can open multiple text files and switch to different file by clicking respective tab.


Features of NotepadTabs

1. Open Multiple text files in different tabs.
2. Navigate to different text files by clicking respective tabs.
3. Save all tabs in one go before closing the application.
4. Select look for your NotepadTabs among different theme options like: Office 2007 Blue, Office 2007 Silver, Office 2007 Black, Sparkle Blue, Professional Office 2003 and Professional System.

Download NotepadTabs free application for feature laden notepad like tool that support tabs and allow opening of multiple text files. Very cool for users who often open and work with lot of text files!


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