Power Packed Alternative to Notepad – DocPad


Notepad is simple and very useful Windows application. Get all the goodness of Notepad with additional power packed features with free ‘alternative to notepad’ – DocPad.

It does everything a notepad can do. Infact, it does more than what a notepad can do. Following are features of DocPad that makes it worth a try and use.

  • Supports 10-level of undo.
  • Alphabetization and block indent/unindent.
  • Support case and encoding conversion.
  • File history, jump to line and jump to offset.
  • Print preview, search and replace.
  • Spell checking, statistics and variable pitch font.
  • Also, built-in calculator, calendar, and character map!

It also support skins to jazz up the interface with your favorite colors. Above is the screenshot of DocPad with ‘wood’ skin. Download DocPad [link] (3.5Mb) and make your Notepad power packed!



  1. @uv_kid
    Can you skin notepad or do 10 level undo? :-)

  2. the features u mentioned is common…whts special abt this try notepad+

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