Count words, characters in Google Docs document

Google Docs is an online suite for word processing and spreadsheet needs. It is a robust online alternative for Microsoft Office software. It supports lot of basic and advance features for writing and editing word documents online. Besides writing text, you can process it further like

Free portable Word Processor to open & edit documents: AbiWord

Microsoft Office Word is a common word processing software used by majority of users. MS Office Word is a premium software and you need to buy it. We have already seen number worthy MS Word alternatives, free Word Processing software. Taking another step forward, checkout AbiWord which is

Bean: free Word processor for MAC OSX

Are you looking for no frills word processor application for your MAC system? Bean is a simple, free and open source Word processor for MAC OSX systems. It allows simple task of writing text (supports images) and saving it for further editing or sharing with others. It is not replacement

Free software to open docx, doc files [Word Reader]

Word Reader is a free application that allows you to access and read word files on the computer. Using this application, you can read doc format word files (as generated by Microsoft Word 97-2003). It also supports MS Office 2007 Word format Docx file. Related - 5 Ways to Open docx

Create & share web documents online at box is one popular web service to upload and share files online. It offer number of tools and features for easy sharing and collaboration. They have launched new feature 'Web Documents' that allows you to create and share Microsoft Word like documents with ease. It has very familiar

OpenOffice portable edition, office on the GO

OpenOffice suit was launched a while ago and now we have portable edition of OpenOffice from Portable Apps. This means, just download package and start using full featured Office software on the GO. It includes a word processor

Improve Spelling ability by making words, fun & play!

If you have played 'Word Racer' game while chatting with friends on Yahoo Messenger - then you will also love WordGrid game. It is a similar game for solo word making fun and play. You have to make meaningful words from alphabets shown on word grid. Select words and then click on enter

Create HTML Help Files / Help Websites with HelpNDoc

Just made a cool application or completed a project. Now, are you Looking for a way to create help file for prospective users to understand and navigate your creation in a better manner? HelpNDoc is a free and powerful tool for creating

Power Packed Alternative to Notepad – DocPad

Notepad is simple and very useful Windows application. Get all the goodness of Notepad with additional power packed features with free 'alternative to notepad' - DocPad. It does everything a notepad can do. Infact, it does more than what a notepad can do. Following are features of

5 Free Word Processing Software

Microsoft Word is hugely popular application software used for basic word document creation, editing, processing, printing etc. Since it is a Microsoft product, it comes with a price tag. In case you want to save money and have the similar functionality of Microsoft Word, then checkout