Create HTML Help Files / Help Websites with HelpNDoc


Just made a cool application or completed a project. Now, are you Looking for a way to create help file for prospective users to understand and navigate your creation in a better manner?

HelpNDoc is a free and powerful tool for creating quick help website or HTML help file. Unlike usual websites or HTML Files, help files follow tree structure for better navigation and access to contents.

It has ‘word processor’ like interface with number of features like live spell checking in a fully WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. Just type in contents and hit the ‘compile’ button to generate quick help file.

Download free version of HelpNDoc [link] that has all features of a paid version. In free version small text is added at the bottom “This helpfile has been generated by freeware version HelpNDoc”. You can get paid version to remove this line. It is free and very useful for making help files for your projects with utmost ease!


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