Convert PDF Files into HTML Format on the Fly


PDF Files can bug those who are not use to handling and dealing with PDF Format. We have already seen online converters like PDFonFly and HTML2PDF to convert any webpage and text into PDF Format.

‘Some PDF’ converter let you do opposite converting PDF File into properly formatted HTML pages. You can perform this conversion to allow PDF content get indexed by search engine in the form of webpages.

Besides users can access your PDF content in HTML format within web browser. This will save them from frustration of ever so slow PDF format or need to install PDF reader. Key features of this converter:

  • Do not need Adobe or any other special software support.
  • Accurately preserves Text, Tables, Graphics & Layout.
  • Convert PDF file into one continuous html page.
  • Supports drag and drop files and batch conversion.
  • Support 4 types of image format with customizable JPEG quality.
  • Support hyperlinks from PDF file to HTML file.
  • Optimize and scale HTML code for different screen resolutions.

Download free ‘Some PDF to HTML converter’ [link] to convert PDF Files into HTML format on the fly. It works fine on Windows NT, 2000, XP and Vista.


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