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Blogger is getting better and there could be bloggers wanting to import and convert their WordPress blog to Blogger blog. WordPress has in-built feature (under ‘tools’ tab) to import any Blogger blog. However, reverse conversion of WordPress blog to Blogger blog is not supported.

Well, not anymore – you can convert your WordPress blog to Blogger blog. WordPress2Blogger web service provide a dead simple way for this conversion. To get started, login into your WordPress blog then goto ‘Manage’ or ‘Tools’ tab and look for export option. Using this option download WordPress WXR export file.

Now upload this file to WordPress2Blogger online service to make it Blogger compatible. Download the resultant file and upload it into Blogger blog using import feature in Blogger dashboard. Your WordPress posts should start appearing in Blogger blog. This method is suitable for smaller blogs with export / import files less than 1MB.

In case you want more technical way for WordPress to Blogger conversion then checkout Google Blog Converter project. As pointed by Google OpenSource blog “… This new Open Source project provides the ability to easily move blog posts and comments from service to service. This initial release provides Python libraries and runnable scripts that convert between the export formats of Blogger, LiveJournal, MovableType, and WordPress.” Take you pick!



  1. Topik blogger says

    Thanks for the great tips, It`s works for me. now blogger more time to exist.

  2. thanks for your post- I was able to successfully transfer all the posts with this method YET the template hasn’t been converted/imported. I am wondering if there is a separate way to import and transfer my custom created WP theme.

  3. Hi I am Aaqil from Pakistan. I have spent more than three years in with wordpress,,

    But at the end, I have moved to blogspot. New blogspot is much better than before. In i hated, server fees, hosting issues, hosting resources issues, hacking attacks, broken or outdated codes/themes/plugins. And in i could never find such good stable and free mobile template which is present in blogspot. My blogspot blog is

    I am feel much better now :)

  4. can u convert my wordpress theme in blogger templtae pls..


  5. Sir,
    I followed the procedure that you have specified.
    The theme I’d like to convert into blogger one is “Blogum”
    When I upload my converted file to blogger, its showing following error.
    “We were unable to save your template.
    Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message:
    There should be one and only one skin in the template, and we found: 0
    why ?

  6. Tuma Snova says

    Very useful, thanks.

  7. thanx friend

  8. Eric Standlee says

    doesn’t work even after I downloaded and ran the batch with python 3.2…

  9. parimalik says

    great article
    if anyone find nay problem the visit:

  10. Erika Simone says

    Actually, I am – or was – a WordPress user – and I wanted to use blogger! I had a blog with each site and, while WordPress has some nice features, I found actually writing in it cumbersome. I ended up thinking, “Well, I could do this if it was blogger.” every time I posted! Thank you sooooo much!.

  11. Thanks so much – what a helpful tool!!

  12. Gustavo Lapido Loureiro says

    Thanks for the useful tip.

    I’m using blogger to back-up my WP blog.

    Apparently the file constraint you’ve mentioned has been changed or even removed: my wp xml file is 2.3 Mb and (apparently) I was able to successfully transfer data: older and newer posts are there, and the total number of posts seems to be matching my wp total.
    Now, the only thing I haven’t done is editing posts, one by one, to check if all the content was preserved, but a couple of random checks suggests that it is ok.

  13. soooooo helpful to a tech-dummy like me. i’ve just moved to Blogspot, thanks to you!!!

  14. amazing offer i really appriciate it

  15. Thanks so much – what a helpful tool!!

  16. I would love to convert, but my file is over 5 MB :S Do you know any other way how to do it?

    • Gustavo Lapido Loureiro says

      Like I mentioned before, I could transfer a file of 2.3 MB.
      Try it and let us know

  17. Thank you so much!!!! Wow- it made things so much easier!!!

  18. I’m sorta clueless when it comes to tech stuff…so bear with me. lol I’m looking to move my wordpress blog to a new blog in blogger under an entirely different name. Will this work? Will my followers in google connect and facebook networkedblogs be moved over there as well? Or should I just ask my followers to go over to the new address? So confused. :)


  19. Crashed with memory error on the big blog I tried to convert… boooo

  20. Malayalam Online says

    How to convert blogs to blogger

  21. Hey man,

    This is redemption! thank you! thank you!

    I was forced into the convoluted new-age freak since Live Spaces is shutting down. Blogger is a better substitute!

    It works perfect…thanks again

  22. Really helpful..Thanks

  23. Thanks.. great link for converting blogs :)

  24. THANK U SO F*CKIN’ MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a blogspot now ;0DDDD

  25. wouldbebloogerd says

    Thank joo

  26. wordpress is good but dont let you control much only if u use org

  27. I tried the website. and the blogger says it had successfully imported the posts but nothing comes to the dashboard

    help plz……

  28. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

  29. Thanks! I was looking for this.

  30. it told me my posts were added but i cant see them anywhere (there not listed in my posts page) & they dont show up when i view my blog. any tips?
    mel :)

  31. Thanks You,

    This Post is very Impotent & Useful.

    Thanks, Again

  32. Thank you so much for this one!! It is really helpful!

  33. Thank you very much. This post helped me a lot

  34. Does the WordPress blog stay in place until the operation is completed? In that case, as far as I can see, trying it would be riskless.

  35. thank you so much!
    This solves my frustration on WordPress where it does not allow any advertising program. Now I have moved my blog specially created for my idol, Faye Wong from wordpress to blogspot. Once again, thanks!!

  36. thank you so much!!! This solved my problems!! because that was a site that paid us to blog there decided to transfer all our blogs somewhere else, now I can export my blog to blogger, and tell them to go F@!$% them selves!! Damn thieves!!

  37. Thank you

    I had my whole blog in WordPress on and now I have it at as well. Best of both worlds. Magic!

  38. thanks a lot. Simple instruction and it works!

  39. hi,

    searched this for ages and finally find the solution.

    huge thanks to you!

  40. Thanks, it worked for me!

  41. if we change our blog to blogger than what would be url?? is it the same as earlier or will be changed?

  42. Same problem other recent (and not so recent) commenters have had: Fails on import attempt.

  43. Recently I try it.. but it always failed to import

  44. Thank you for the information , i was having trouble with this you solved my problem.

  45. I have done all above steps, but getting the error. “Sorry, the import failed due to a server error. The error code is bX-qm5h6h”

  46. hi!
    thanks for the link, but i was unable to upload the file as it said:
    “Sorry, the import failed due to a server error. The error code is bX-qm5h6h”
    may i know how i could possibly solve this please!

    thank you! (:

  47. thanks for this tips. I’ve trouble to converting my wp to blogger. Now I’ve done it. But there is something unsuccessful on importing it, because my page didn’t imported.

  48. Hi,

    I have some posts in WP which I want to import into my Blogger blog (presently, I am consolidating my writings across net).. but there are many duplicate entries, which I do not want to import. How can I import selected entries from WP to Blogger?

    Pardon me, I am also facing lots of problems in getting my Blogger Blog indexed by Google Sitemaps… (of the total of 500+ posts, just about 60 are indexed) any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Please do drop me a comment at my blog

    Many thanks

  49. Thanks a lot. u saved my lots of time.

  50. ey where is the author of this post why you are not answering the questions!!!

    can you tell us if there is a way to import wordpress themes to blogger !!
    thank you

  51. WP sux. And I recently purchased a licensed OneTheme. Can anyone convert it to blogger for me??? Pleeeze… :)

  52. How can I convert large file, XML file that I exported from my WP, it is about 12mb while google code allow less than 1MB?

  53. thanks so much, very helpful. I’m not trying to switch from wp to blg, just wana maintain both.

  54. What a great tip and tool! Thanks so much. This saved me tons of time moving my blog.

  55. thanks so much….very helpful…..

  56. Awesome! Works a treat! Thanks so much! :)

  57. Thanks, but hopw can we do to export the template, which is what is interresting me ?
    Cause j tried, it works, but j onlyhave the messages, and nothing else….
    My aim is to convert my wordpress template to insert it in blogger ?
    Thansk in advance for eventual answers…

  58. I’m really impressed with this feature!!
    I could only import from blogspot and MSN live spaces to wordpress. I thought I was gonna keep using wordpress, but really i’m not into super pimping it, and it’s kinda difficult, so I’ll stick with blogspot, has nice features, and it’s easy to use.
    Also i’m impressed because it imported tags from wordpress!!
    Thanks so much for the link! :D

  59. Most of my blogs are from blogger and I’m comfortable to use blogger platform. I tried to use wordpress and it seems that it’s hard to customized my blog. In blogger I can customized my templates and I can simply embed the adsense code on it.

  60. between and blogger … blogger obviously gets the upper hand . except for the lack of ‘pages’ blogger offers more options for its users .

    blogger also offers the custom domain option for free .

    now between wordpress cms and … wordpress wins by a longshot . if uo have a good host ( good at all aspects ) then wordpress is the way to go . it offers some great customization , a huge library of plugins ( good ones ) and not to mention the themes …

    most blogger templates out there are poorly written where as wordpress templates usually come an optimized form .

    i think that saying that wordpress sucks is a little too much . it all depends on what you want from your blog .

    as for the conversion … this is one HUUUUGE problem with . i’m struggling to get my blog on blogger and my db obviously has more than 1 mb in size … so i don’t really know how i’m going to do it ( an idea for a future post might be exactly this – a guide on installing that app from google on your computer using a local host and then converting your xml . not all of us are proficient in python ) .

    one way i’m gonna try it is i will split my xml file in 2 separate files using a text editor ( simply download 2 copy’s of my post db and then cut the first half of posts and in the second file cut the second part of the posts – to make them smaller ) and then i think i will upload 2 separate xml files .

    theoretically this should work if blogger allows 2 uploads without overwriting anything .

  61. I’m converting a couple of my wp blogs to blogger not because of stupid reasons like poor theme choices – wtf blogger has even less themes to choose from – I’m just sick of worrying about hackers.

    So far, no one has managed to hack into blogspot.

  62. cassandra says

    Is there any way to export more than 1 MB using the converter tool? I tried it and it only sent my first two posts over to blogger. I have many more than that.

  63. WordPress SUCKS to the max! I am outta there! I should of listened but I didn’t. But WP will be getting a nasty letter….WORD SUPPRESS should be aptly named!

  64. Huwatt? No WordPress user will transfer to Blogger? I’m reverting back to Blogger.

  65. Unfortunately I have to agree with Kelly!

    I’m very disappointed at poor theme choises and the lack of possibility to edit and modify wordpress blog. I wish I had choisen blogger 6 months ago..

  66. Steve Yu is wrong wrong wrong. I’m sick of the limited ability on wordpress. I’ve changed over to blogspot as they are fresh and new, support adsense, and have the ablity to customize the layout and backgrounds without having to pay $15+ per year. WordPress is a rip off and is old fashioned and out of date.

    Thank you thank you thank you sooo much for this post!!!
    I really appreciate your help :)))

  67. Much simpler solution is to use window live writer for transferring the content not only between wordpress and bloggers but virtually any blogging platform in this cool world.

    Download window live writer on your desktop , go the webblog tap and use your grey matters to configure it…very simple, i swear…

  68. abhijit kar says

    Let me tell you a much better way of doing it, i have been using for ages

    Download and install window live writer and keep on transferring postings between not only wordpress or bloggers but any blog platform like typepad, live journal.

  69. Nice tool. But I believe no WordPress users (or a few users may) want to use blogspot.

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