Get TypePad features in WordPress blogs via plugins

TypePad blogging platform has been around for a while now. Its rival blogging platform 'Wordpress' has seen tremendous growth courtesy huge community, product improvements and large user base. Well, TypePad is now reaching to Wordpress users by offering official plugins. Using these

Most popular ideas for next WordPress version

With every new version, software keeps getting better. Wordpress community always listens and implements required feature fixes and additions. Here is list of most popular ideas that you may see implemented in future releases of Wordpress. Here goes: Trust me when I edit

WordPress Tattoo – Love WP but not that much!

Wordpress is an awesome piece of software to power any type of blog and even websites. Wordpress has huge community with dedicated fans ready to contribute in different ways. Here is first everpermanent Wordpress Tattoo. Yeah, it looks good but a tattoo? Well, I love wordpress but not

Import & Convert WordPress Blog into Blogger Blog

Blogger is getting better and there could be bloggers wanting to import and convert their Wordpress blog to Blogger blog. Wordpress has in-built feature (under 'tools' tab) to import any Blogger blog. However, reverse conversion of Wordpress blog to Blogger blog is not supported. Well,

RSS Feed error in WordPress, how to fix it?

RSS Feed of 'Techno Life @ tothepc'  had gone for a toss. The default RSS Feed URL was showing no feed items but a strange error. Even though Wordpress is not a new thing for me but this error for sure was. Here is the error: XML parsing failed: syntax

Redirect WordPress Feed to feedburner via FeedSmith

Just like blogger blog, it is important to have a consolidated unique feed URL for better feed management. In Wordpress each label, category, post can have unique RSS feed - thereby distributing feed subscribers for similar content. To avoid this, you can setup a redirect in your self

Generate own WordPress Theme Online with WPPal

WPPal is your Pal if you are interested in customized and generating personalized wordpress theme online in few simple mouse clicks. We have already seen templatr online Wordpress theme generator. WPPal is more simple & easy alternative for generating

Show Number of Comments Badge in WordPress Blog

Is your blog very active with loads of visitor comments? You can have bit of fun, ego-boosting by showing number of comments in the form of colorful badge. Liz Strauss Comment Counter is a highly configurable “internet badge” that shows the number of comments your

Speed Up Blog by Compressing CSS Code, Real Easy!

CSS Code of a blog hold design attributes (like font color, column size, background color etc) of various parts of blog. Compressing this code can result in faster blog and little saving in bandwidth. With so make theme and template designers out there, everyone has own style of coding