RSS Feed error in WordPress, how to fix it?


RSS Feed of ‘Techno Life @ tothepc’  had gone for a toss. The default RSS Feed URL was showing no feed items but a strange error. Even though WordPress is not a new thing for me but this error for sure was. Here is the error:

XML parsing failed: syntax error (Line: 1, Character: 1) Reparse document as HTML ErrorML declaration not at beginning of document Specification: 1: 2:

Most likely reason for this error is some white space in any of the core WordPress file. In my case, it was wp-config.php file. Few days back this file was edited for some change and accidentally a white space was left in the end. To fix this, opened the file in edit mode, hit the backspace key to remove white space, cleared cache and feed started working fine.

Instead of looking for which file is causing this error, you can get started by updating and overwriting wordpress files. Since, wp-config.php is never overwritten during such procedure helped in isolating cause of the issue. As pointed by Rauru blank / white space in functions.php file can also cause this issue. To summarize, check wp-config, wp-functions files – otherwise overwrite wordpress files.



  1. Mummy Ninja says

    Did everything I can, but to no avail. I removed all the white spaces, installed a fresh new WP and a fresh new theme. Weirrrrrrrddddddd.. O_O

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  9. Thanks for the tip. Worked like a charm and saved me a boatload of time.

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  11. Vladimir Hristov says

    I am having a problem with my feed at

    for some reason it went missing. I have no plugins and nothing that can affect it. I checked the wp-load and wp-feed files and they seem fine…

    If you have any ideas please do share them as I feel stuck right now

  12. Thanks for this info, my feed was not working and a friend refered me to your site.

    • I am currently facing a strance feed problem on one of my blogs that is powered by wordpress.

      The bottom line of all this is: We should keep on checking our blog feed daily in order to save the blog from losing potential feed subscribers!

  13. Thanks man ..I hope this will resolve the issue…

  14. I’m looking for this solutin, and now it’s working. thanx for this information.

  15. I had the same problem… and the fix was also deleteing whitespaces after ?> but in wp-content/my_theme/function.php.

    thanks for the clue ;)

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