Visual RSS feed browsing with Google Reader Play


Google Reader ( is a best online tool for browsing and managing RSS feeds online. It has simple and very easy to use interface. Now you can add little spice to RSS feed viewing routine using Google Reader Play feature. It allows more visual ‘image thumbnail’ per post viewing of RSS feed content.

How to use Google Reader Play feature

1. Goto & login into your account.

2. Click down arrow next to any feed or folder & then click last option of ‘view in Reader play’. Alternatively, you directy visit for Google Reader play.

3. A new window will open allowing you to visually browse RSS feed content. Use buttons on the left side for staring slideshow or switching back to original version. Play around, it looks cool! [via gReader blog]



  1. I “played” around with it a bit today, I love how they chose a different look and feel from their usual grey boring style. The results seemed a little random to me though.

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